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Acquire's board game featured cover.

Hasbro and Renegade Bring the Classic Acquire Back in 2023

Hasbro and Renegade Game Studios have teamed up to make sure that the 1964-game, Acquire, will be coming back once again. The new product...
Hasbro Gaming's Cranium

New Cranium Editions Are in the Works by Hasbro and Funko Games

Cranium, a popular party board game originally released in 1998 and designed by Whit Alexander and Richard Tait, is coming back in 2023. The...
Hasbro's preview of the upcoming NYT-inspired game Wordle: The Party Game

Hasbro Turns Wordle into Board Game Experience

Hasbro, the popular publisher and developer behind games such as Janga, Twister, and Monopoly, has teamed up with The New York Times to bring...