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Stoyan entered the hobby over seven years ago and his collection has been growing at a pace his spouse has described as “concerning.” Willing to push the boundaries of the connubial bliss to its extremes, Stoyan is here to bring you the latest updates and developments from the world of board games.
343 Industries and Halo Infinite wargame.

Mantic to Turn Halo into a Miniatures Wargame

343 Industries has already made its cinematic debut with the Halo TV series, and the company is now doubling down by launching the franchise into the attractive medium of board games, specifically, miniatures wargames. This is correct. Halo Miniature Wargame Is Coming to the Tabletop Near You Halo is coming to the tabletop as the franchise is making a play for...
Catan's board from new Energies.

CATAN – New Energies to Tackle Environmental Issues in Q2 2024

CATAN GmbH, the company behind the namesake board game, has revealed a new instalment in the series, with CATAN – New Energies, taking a stab at the outstanding issue of energy and global warming. The game features new gameplay focused on power plants and environmental events, which will still borrow from the game’s original and acclaimed mechanics. Go on the...
Stonemaier Games' Wyrmspan board game.

Stonemaier Games Announces Wyrmspan, a Wingspan Cousin

Stonemaier Games, the studio behind Expeditions, Wingspan, Tapestry, Scythe, and many others, has announced a new 1-5-player game, Wyrmspan. The game, which has been jocosely dubbed a Wingspan with dragons, plays over 90 minutes and is more or less that. Stonemaier Games Wants You to Protect Dragons In the game, each player sets out to build a sanctuary for dragons of...
The Anarchy, upcoming board game.

Hadrian’s Wall Designer Prepares New Board Game, The Anarchy

Bobby Hill, the man behind Hadrian’s Wall heavy ancient medieval title, is back with a new ambitious project steeped in history and offering players a shot at bygone times. The Anarchy, due to be released in 2025, illustrated by Sam Philips known for his signature style and illustrator of series such as Raiders, Wayfarers, and Architects, will be published...
Grant Lyon's YouTube channel.

YouTube Deletes Grant Lyon’s Board Games Channel Leading to Outpouring of Support

Grant Lyon, a popular board games personality who is also a professional comedian, has had a rude awakening this festive season after he found out that his YouTube channel, in which he put a lot of time and effort, had suddenly been removed without so much as an explanation. After posting his last video on December 19, and mostly keeping...
Hasbro and Cluedo

Mathematicians Show You How to Win Monopoly, Risk and Battleships

As the festive season unfolds – or is almost out the door even, several mathematicians have weighed in on what you should probably do to win your next games of Monopoly, Battleships, and Risk. The family gathered around the board game table, competitive spirits high and distant relatives none the wiser about the best strategies, these tips may help...
Warhammer The Old World's Starter Boxes, Bretonnia and Tomb Kings.

Warhammer the Old World Reveals Bretonnia & Tomb Kings Starter Boxes

Tons of new content has been confirmed for Warhammer: The Old World, the upcoming fantasy wargame by Games Workshop which is the spiritual successor of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and the polished modern sibling of the defunct predecessor. Defunct no more that is! Fantastic Value Starter Box Sets for Warhammer: The Old World The game, which will feature several confirmed factions from...
Ludonova's Flatiron board game.

Duo Behind The White Castle Introduce Flatiron Board Game

The designers behind 2023’s success story, The White Castle and earlier designs such as The Red Cathedral, have confirmed a new board game, Flatiron, due to be released in 2024 and published by Ludonova. From the Whistle Castle to 175 Fifth Avenue Isra C. and Shei S. are teaming up with artist Weberson Santiago to offer 1-2 players the opportunity to...
Neodreams board game cover.

Furnace Designer Announces New Worker Placement Board Game About Dreams

Ivan Lashin, the notable designer of Furnace, Mobile Markets, and Skytopia among others, has confirmed a new project that once again tries to color outside the lines of established board gaming wisdom. At least thematically, Neodreams already promises to be something to keep an eye out for. Create a Dream World for Your Customers The game’s description is succinct, with 2-4...
Tiny Epic Game of Thrones

Tiny Epic Game Series Readies Game of Thrones Kickstarter Campaign

War is coming back to Westeros in the universe of Tiny Epic Games, which has not shied away from taking a shot at a new franchise. Although Gamelyn Games mostly stuck to their own thing, the new title is taking on a popular franchise in a bid to boost visibility and reimagine other games set in the same universe. War...