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Stoyan entered the hobby over seven years ago and his collection has been growing at a pace his spouse has described as “concerning.” Willing to push the boundaries of the connubial bliss to its extremes, Stoyan is here to bring you the latest updates and developments from the world of board games.
FryxGames' upcoming Fate wargame.

Terraforming Mars Studio Co-Owner Introduces Norse Mythology Wargame

You may not know who Jonathan Fryxelius is, but you have heard about the games designed and published by FryxGames. Terraforming Mars’ cult status gives it immediate recognition with board gamers of all stripes. Jonathan, Jacob Fryxelius’ brother – the designer of Terraforming Mars- is a co-owner of the family-owned FryxGames. Fight the Hordes of Monsters as You Protect Freyja’s...
Smash Up's original artwork from the Base Game as part of the Expansions article.

Pick Your Favorite Smash Up Expansions and Smash It!

With its relatively simple base gameplay, Smash Up offers fast-paced gaming sessions for up to four players which see each participant compete against each other to crush more Bases than their opponents. This is done with the help of a deck of cards containing different “suits” from multiple factions. Each faction has different abilities, like the pirates who move the...
A bunch of Meeples on a table.

Gamescom Adds Tabletop Gaming Section in Refreshing Shift

It was supposed to be the other way around – physical games were supposed to give ground to video games. Yet, Gamescom, the world’s largest video game trade show held in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, has announced that it is adding a section dedicated to tabletop games for its upcoming edition in 2024.  Due to take place on August 21-25,...
UVS Games' official UniVersus release roadmap for 2024.

UVS Games Reveals a Busy Roadmap for UniVersus CCG

UVS Games, the studio behind the UniVersus Collectible Card Game, has revealed a long list of upcoming releases that will see fans of the system & multi-franchise game have many more options to expand their decks and add to their collection of unique, highly thematic, and diverse fighters. UniVersus CCG Family Grows with More IPs in 2024 The UniVersus system draws...
Splendor designer's new board game, Middle Ages.

Splendor Creator Introduces “Middle Ages” Board Game

Marc André, the designer behind one of the most-voted and highest-rated board games of all time, Splendor, is back with a new project that will take 30 minutes to play and accommodate players as young as 10. Build Your Fiefdom and Prosper by Acquiring Currency The 2-5-player Middle Ages is due to be released in 2024 and illustrated by Claire Conan,...
Queen Games' Nassau upcoming project

Castles of Burgundy Designer Reveals 2 More Projects

Stefan Feld, the designer behind Castles of Burgundy, Hamburg, Bonfire, and frankly so many other worthwhile games in one’s collection, has revealed two more projects due to release in 2024, as per BoardGameGeek entries. Plunder as a Pirate, Win as the Best Storyteller Feld continues to publish with Queen Games, and he is going solo on both projects, as is his...
Dungeons and Dragons miniatures which make for interesting D&D gifts.

Dungeon and Dragons Gifts

The Dungeons & Dragons fanbase has grown exponentially over the years. So much so that whenever you say you are a “D&D player”, you’re no longer a geek, you’re a cool guy. Man, have the tables turned. The fanbase is also filled with avid collectors that are ready to fill their drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, and what-have-you with all sorts...
Nightfall Games' Terminator RPG artwork.

Terminator RPG Studio Catches and Removes AI-Content, But the Mistake Costs It

The jokes are appropriate. Yet for Nightfall Games, the studio behind The Terminator RPG, which is bringing the eponymous movie franchise to the tabletop, this is no laughing matter. In a post shared by the company on Tuesday, December 19, the studio confirmed that there were at least 16 illustrations from the T2 Judgement Day sourcebook which had been...
Schmidt Spiele's The Ring Bearer board game box design.

Carcassonne Designer to Create a New LotR Game

Klaus-Jürgen Wrede is one of the most prolific board game designers of our time, and he is certainly one of the most accomplished. Carcassonne, a game that originally came out in 2000, continues to be a gateway to the hobby for millions of people around the world, and his work on other seminal projects, such as The Architects of...
Warhammer Community art announcing the upcoming Warhammer TV series or movie, or both.

Amazon and Games Workshop Confirm They Will Bring Warhammer to TV TV

When Henry Cavill said he would quit Netflix’s The Witcher, some fans were disappointed. When Cavill confirmed his involvement with a future Warhammer 40K TV project, other fans were cheerful. As one of the people to both regret and regale in both news, I can confirm that the newly-confirmed deal between Amazon Studios and Games Workshop is a reason...