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Stoyan entered the hobby over seven years ago and his collection has been growing at a pace his spouse has described as “concerning.” Willing to push the boundaries of the connubial bliss to its extremes, Stoyan is here to bring you the latest updates and developments from the world of board games.
The sabia bird, symbol fo the latest Null Signal Netrunner set.

Netrunner Introduces New Narrative Cycle Featuring a Robotic Uprising

Netrunner, the acclaimed collectible card game originally released by Final Fantasy Games, has announced a new set for the title. Set in futuristic Brazil and focusing on a robot uprising, the plot of the new game cycle and the set will see various automa and robotic beings engage in a freedom movement following a new law that seeks to...
The boxes for board games such as Terraforming Mars, Spirit Island and others.

Best Board Games for Adults

Congratulations, you are now an adult. You finally have the means to buy the board games you have ever wanted. Although you are running short on time, there is surely no stopping you from sparing a few nights a week to have your group come together and play. But play what exactly? Today, we take a look at some of the...
Spiel des Jahres official logo.

Spiel des Jahres 2023 to Reveal Names of Nominees on May 22

The nominations for the upcoming Spiel des Jahres Awards, one of the biggest distinctions a board game can win in the industry, will be announced during a live stream on May 22 at 4:00 pm local time, the organization’s social media account shared on Twitter. Nominees for Spiel Des Jahres 2023 Revealed Soon The stream will be available at spiel-des-jahres.de, the...
Star Wars Unlimited cards preview.

FFG Teases Star Wars First Set, Spark of Rebellion

Fantasy Flight Games is determined to make Star Wars: Unlimited, the company’s upcoming and brand-new trading card game, work. The company is also keen to share with fans a first look at the cards, texts, and generally what to expect from the new game. The new card game is an attempt to take on the fast-expanding – and increasingly profitable...
Ares Games' War of the Ring: Against the Shadow

Ares Games Announces War of the Ring Expansion Against the Shadow

Ares Games has announced the arrival date for “Against the Shadow,” the company’s first expansion for the recently released War of the Ring: The Card Game. The new extension to the base game will hit retail shelves in September 2023, and it will include both a cooperative as well as a solo mode, to allow players to elevate their...
Netflix logged into a TV.

Netflix to Adapt Board Game The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow

The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is perhaps one of the best known board games there is. Published in 2001 by Lui-même among others, the game has quickly become a staple of many genres at the same time. The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is touted as a great party and deduction game, an awesome bluffing game, and not least –...
Phanalnx's Huang board game coverage.

Reiner Knizia’s Huang Readies for Retail on October 5, 2023

The prolific designer that is Reiner Knizia has creativity that knows no bounds. Born in 1957 in Germany, the man has authored thousands of games that are some of the most played titles to this very day. The Quest for ell Dorado, My City, Tigris & Euphrates, Modern Art, Yellow & Yangtze, Indigo, and tons of others are just some of...
FFG's new Hero Pack for Marvel Champions, Angel.

FFG Confirms Angel Hero Pack for Marvel Champions

Fantasy Flight Games Living Card Game Marvel Champions has just got a little bigger, with the company confirming the arrival of the Angel Hero Pack for the popular card game. The new addition, as the name suggests, focuses on an X-Men character, Angel, who comes with a pre-built deck.  Angel adds an innovative twist to the available Marvel Champions expansions, as it’s effectively a three-sided...
Star Wars Legion Organized Play Kit

Atomic Mass Reveals The Asset Organized Play Kit

Atomic Mass Games, the company behind the acclaimed Star Wars Legion, and the much-anticipated Star Wars: Shatterpoint, has offered a preview of more of the forthcoming goodies. The Asset Organized Play Kit is the latest reveal by the studio which focuses on a scenario that will revolve around controlling “The Asset,” and offer new players to the game a...
Ghost Galaxy's Keyforge art.

KeyForge Wants to Make Entry for New Players Easier

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) have been known for a few missteps. The way KeyForge ended under the company’s stewardship is definitely one of the less flattering stories to recall. In any event, Ghost Galaxy Games has acquired the game from FFG preparing for an official release after a very successful campaign that raised $1.1 million from 6,172 backers. Now, one...