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Editorial Ethics and Guidelines

The Meeples Herald is committed to providing readers with accurate, factual, and independent information. Our publication works hard to secure connections with publishers and game developers in the pursuit of timely reporting and entertaining news. We do not accept accommodations, such as rental cars, hotel rooms or flights in exchange for reporting.

We do reporting based on facts and only work on news pieces that we believe our audiences would want to find out and read about. The Meeples Herald is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in delivering content to our readers.

Conflicts of Interest

The Meeples Herald team will never cover or work on pieces that promote companies that may be directly or otherwise linked to team members. Team members may be developers or publishers, which means that they would not be allowed to write on certain topics that may be construed as misleading or a conflict of interest.


We do not pay for information and rely on publicly available and verifiable data. Our team has an open policy regarding content that allows all readers to verify the facts and information. Information obtained through our connections in the industry will be marked as such unless explicitly asked by our source(s).


The Meeples Herald encourages every reader to come forward and inform us about a mistake we may have made in reporting. Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch and let us know.


Our editorial policy allows for advertisement. We may use advertisement revenue to ensure that we generate revenue and remain independent. This said, any paid advertisement is disclosed as such, and sponsored posts are usually outsourced to companies and categorized as such.

We never write a story to specifically please a party requesting a sponsored post. The Meeples Herald will never sacrifice its integrity to promote a product in a specific light that does not reflect the opinions and views of our editorial team.

We base our work on editorial discretion and not the desire of any party, whether an advertiser, publisher, developer, or PR firms. The Meeples Herald will strive to do its best and ensure that the transparency of our editorial practices is clearly understood by readers.

Product Samples for Reviews

The Meeples Herald will accept board game prototypes and finished products for reviews and always deliver honest opinions or private feedback about these products. We retain our rights to refrain from running a review or material about any game or product that has been shared with us. The Meeples Team will rely on our own understanding of board games to deliver honest opinions about games and attempt to guide readers to the best of our knowledge. We specifically use disclaimers to denote any information regarding a review, such as the number of playthroughs or having received a paid copy in exchange for coverage with our readers.