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The Meeples Herald is a passionate publication about the hobby and business of board gaming. We cover a wide range of topics that includes but isn’t limited to industry events, new game developments, reprints, designers and artists who work in the board games space, and more. Our publication is focused exclusively on covering the news that comes from the industry, a niche we think deserves more attention and love.

We are pleased to provide our readers with a constant stream of newsworthy content that has been developed with love, care, and unfaltering professionalism. Our writing reflects our passion and appreciation of the board games hobby and strives to provide readers with the best possible content.

The Meeples Herald will help you find information about Kickstarter releases, game updates, general board games news, and more. We are proud to provide you with content that exceeds expectations and helps you get all your news information in one tight package.

Follow The Meeples Herald to discover more from the world of board gaming and bring order to your daily feeds by trusting enthusiastic professionals who are always keen to have a sit-down and play.