Dungeons and Dragons miniatures which make for interesting D&D gifts.
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The Dungeons & Dragons fanbase has grown exponentially over the years. So much so that whenever you say you are a “D&D player”, you’re no longer a geek, you’re a cool guy. Man, have the tables turned. The fanbase is also filled with avid collectors that are ready to fill their drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, and what-have-you with all sorts of items. And since there is a good reason to buy D&D paraphernalia any time of the year, why not take a look at some of our suggestions for awesome Dungeons & Dragons gifts?

Cool Dungeons and Dragons Gifts & Ideas – The Full List

Wildspire’s Monster Set

Monsters Set Scale Fantasy Minis

Any Dungeons & Dragon fan knows the importance of miniatures, and how they can flesh out game sessions. Good miniatures are hard to find, however, and even if you do find something suitable, chances are its price will be through the tavern roof. If you too are experiencing such difficulties, Wildspire Fantasy’s got the solution to your problems.

Why not treat yourself with one of the most awesome Dungeons and Dragons gifts – monster minis. This product includes 68 fully paintable, high-quality minis, which include fan-favorites like the sharkbear, lamia and archdevil for just $49.99. Surprise your party with some epic monster encounters for your next session! The box also contains a monster guide and game-ready campaign setting so you can jump right into action!

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Wildspire Hero & NPC Characters

Heroes Set Miniatures

The miniature-oriented Dungeons and Dragons gifts trend continues, because every good monster model deserves a good adventurer model slay it! Luckily for you, Wildspire Fantasy’s got you covered on that front too. Introducing Wildspire 36 Spellblades & Enchanted Objects – a box suitable for adventurers and their companions. Its contents include 15 imaginative battlemage characters, 20 enchanted objects and one troll queen for the low price of $39.99. The box also includes ready-to-use character sheets, a physical booklet with character backgrounds, original artwork, and more! If you didn’t think you were geared up for an adventure before – you definitely are now! Naturally, all of the minis are fully paintable to custom fit your style and preference!

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Monopoly Dungeons and Dragons

Monopoly Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves

Are you tired of dungeoneering, but still want to play Dungeons & Dragons in some form? Well, look no further than Hasbro Gaming’s Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly: Honor Among Thieves. Inspired by the critically acclaimed Honor Among Thieves movie set in the Dungeons & Dragons world, this box offers you a different experience than your average Monopoly. For starters, the game is customizable via the Dungeon Master deck, which further offers you advanced gameplay mode with interesting new rules and twists. If you’re a fan of the movie, you will instantly recognize the iconic characters and locations represented on the game board and the cards. This unique Dungeons and Dragons gift will only cost you $29.99.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Bedlam in Neverwinter Board Game

Bedlam in Neverwinter, a Dungeons and Dragons board game by Hasbro.

Dungeons & Dragons: Bedlam in Neverwinter is a $33.99 ready-to-pay three act adventure by Hasbro Gaming. The adventure is suitable for 2-6 players and focuses heavily on puzzles and problem-solving as engines to drive the campaign forward. Like every new campaign, you will have to create a new character to begin. You and your party will then start at a humble tavern, but this seemingly generic campaign beginning will lead you way down in the Underdark, where you will get to fight iconic monsters from the rich Dungeons & Dragons menagerie. At the end, you will have to go through an evil mage and his dangerous cult! Each of the three acts will take your party approximately 90 minutes to get through, which makes for hours of fun.

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Cluedo Dungeons & Dragons

Cluedo, The Classic Mystery Game themed for Dungeons & Dragons

Any experienced adventurer knows that a game of Dungeons & Dragons is more than just fighting monsters, flinging spells, and killing gods. More often than not, you will have to solve a couple of puzzles, escape rooms, mysteries and what-have-you. If you like those sorts of thought-twisters, then Cluedo Dungeons & Dragons editions is just for you!

Based on the critically acclaimed board game Cluedo, adventurers will have to retrieve an Infernal Puzzle Box left by a Hellrider of Elturel. If that wasn’t challenging enough, the infernal minions of Zariel have killed one of your party and replaced him/her with a demon in disguise! If you want to have any hope of prevailing, you will have to figure out who got replaced, what the murder weapon was, and where is that damnable Infernal Puzzle Box! Sounds fun? Be sure to snatch one of the most awesome Dungeons and Dragons gifts for just $38.94.   

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Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament

Ornament of Dragon set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe

Want to make this year’s holiday season extra special and show love for Dungeons & Dragons if a fun and unique way? Look no further than the Hallmark Keepsake Themberchaud Christmas ornament! Themberchaud, known officially as The Father of Flame, and unofficially the Flame of Thickness, was most recently featured in the critically acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie.

 It’s safe to say that his more than unique look made quite an impression on audiences worldwide, giving him a rather iconic status among fans. So why not make your Christmas tree more iconic with the thickest of dungeons and dragons gifts? This Themberchaud figure is masterfully made by artist Jake Angell, and with its glowing flames will surely spread holiday cheer faster than a wildfire! It can be yours for just $24.99.

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Dungeon and Dragons Dice Crew Socks

Dungeons and Dragons Crew set

Socks have (for whatever reason) surged in popularity as Christmas presents in recent years. Everybody wears them, everybody needs them, and you know you can’t go adventuring without your feet feeling warm and comfortable! So why not show love for your favorite fandom in a rather unique way?

Look no further than HYP’s Dungeon & Dragons socks – the officially Licensed Dungeons and Dragons Socks! This fashionable gift will cost you just $9.95 and is sure to make any dungeon master or adventurer extremely happy. Even if you’re not necessarily a Dungeon & Dragons fan, the embroidery is very eye-pleasing, fun and colorful – you will just want to show it off!

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Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set

Dungeons and Dragons Rulebooks Deluxe Edition

Every good Dungeons & Dragons campaign needs a good dungeon master. But only those who have taken up the mantle know how hard it can be. It requires a lot of reading, a lot of rule checking, and a lot of knowledge about monsters. Be sure to snatch the most essential of Dungeons and Dragons gifts this year – the gift of knowledge and lore!

A perfect way to honor those countless hours is the Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set. For just $91.45, you get the official Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide. Even if you know the rules and lore already, these special foil cover editions make for an excellent collector’s gift. Or, perhaps, you will use the vast knowledge inside those tomes to take on the mantle of dungeon master yourself?

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Galdor’s Guild Mimic Dice Chest Storage Box

Galdor Mimic Dice Chest

“Roll for initiative” is the unofficial battlecry of Dungeons & Dragons. It immediately tells you two things: 1) the battle is about to begin; and 2) there will be some serious dice rolling. A lot of dice rolling. It’s no secret that you need a lot of them to play the game, but Dungeons & Dragons players hoard those things. Let me tell you, I’ve tripped on D20s so many times I’ve lost count due to all the concussions.

To avoid such accidents, give your friends or family members the gift of storage space with Galdor’s Guild Mimic Dice Chest Storage Box. This gorgeous dice box comes in the form of one of the most iconic Dungeons & Dragons monsters – the mimic. It’s not only beautifully made, but extremely sturdy – it’s made from extra strong poly resin, so your dice will be perfectly safe inside this gorgeous box. It comes in two sizes – small for $39.95, and large for $54.95.

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D20 Underdark Dice Set

A clever Heavy metal Underdark D20 Dice Set

Dice have their own cult in Dungeons & Dragons. One that is honored by having them sored in all sorts of glorious boxes, or by hoarding as many of their kind as possible. In fact, the fancier the dice are – the better! Essentially, you can’t do wrong by gifting a Dungeons & Dragons fan some dice, especially as fancy as these Ultra PRO – 2 D20 Underdark Dice Set for just $13.99!

These luxurious officially licensed Underdark Dice Set for Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk for Dungeons & Dragons match the theme of the Underdark perfectly. Their weight will make you throw with authority, and their satisfying texture makes them pleasing to the touch! A truly great budget Dungeons and Dragons gifts option.

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