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A self-proclaimed warrior-poet, Krasen is a man of many hobbies – ranging from combat sports training, LARPing, to writing poetry. One of those many hobbies happens to be board games. Be it with a fist, pen, sword or keyboard – he aims to be just, merciless and effective.
Ian Livingstone with Bryan Ansell

Tragic News for The Warhammer World – Bryan Ansell Has Passed Away

Today, the Warhammer fanbase is in mourning, as British role-playing and wargame designer Bryan Ansell, the co-founder of Games Workshop and founder of Citadel Miniatures has tragically passed away. The news was revealed by a touching Instagram post, on the Ansell family’s instagram page at the end of last year. The post reads:“With great sadness, we announce that Bryan...
Wonderbow Games, KELP copy.

Wonderbow’s Kelp Counterfeit Copies Flood the Market

Wonderbow Games has recently become a victim of huckstery on a grand scale, with their up-and-coming board game Kelp reportedly being sold online, despite the fact the game won’t be released until October 2024. Naturally, this has prompted a response from Wonderbow owners Laia Gonzalez and Sönke Schmidt, who addressed the situation on their recently ended (and very successful)...
Hasbro Monopoly Abu Dhabi

Monopoly Goes to Abu Dhabi With New Limited Edition

Have you ever dreamed of going to Abu Dhabi? Or, perhaps, owning a property there? The iconic board game Monopoly is about to make your dreams come true (well, at least on the tabletop) with its latest regional makeover, featuring the capital of the United Arab Emirates and only a few months after the Monopoly Barbie edition. Fans of...
Colonist.io, a Discord Catan-inspired game.

“CATAN” Is Now Playable on Discord’s Activities

The go-to instant messaging and VoIP social platform Discord has recently added a digital online alternative of the critically acclaimed board game CATAN to its list of Activities you can do with your friends while in a group call or streaming. The game is not called "CATAN" per se, but uses the apt name "Colonist." For those of you unfamiliar...
Games Workshop' The Old World

Games Workshop Show Bretonnia and the Grail Knights Some Much Needed Love

I bet that whenever Bretonnia is mentioned in any context, the Grail Knights are the first thing that pops up in many people’s minds. They are almost synonymous with their kingdom, and are pretty awesome in Warhammer Fantasy (soon-to-be known as The Old World) - they are widely considered to be the best cavalry in the world, even surpassing...
AEG's Undergrove

Wingspan Designer’s Latest Game Elicits $626K from Kickstarter Backers

First, there were birds, then there were butterflies (and foxes!), and now there are mushrooms. Nothing can stop Elizabeth Hargrave from getting inspired by nature and creating a wonderful board game. This time, she teams up with the park ranger-turned-AEG-designer Mark Wootton to bring us Undergrove - a game that truly shows the beauty and magnificence of the mushroom...
Lucky Duck Games' Food Chain Magnate Special Edition on Gamefound.

Food Chain Magnate Special Edition Pulls in €1.3M on Gamefound

Lucky Duck Games is releasing a special edition of the critically acclaimed Food Chain Magnate, the popular highly strategic board game about building a fast food chain. The new special edition’s Gamefound campaign blew up - its goal was reached in just 7 minutes and 13 seconds. Now that’s lightning quick! As of writing this article, the game has...
Dungeons & Dragons dedicated art by Wizards of the Coast.

Wizards of the Coast Will Pay You $150K to Spice Up D&D Art

The Dungeons & Dragons hype is booming more than ever, stoked by its very successful movie adaptation Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and of course Baldur’s Gate III. Mass media aside, they have been making all the right moves when it comes to updating the tabletop RPG with many gameplay changes, not to mention the upcoming 2024 book...
MTG Preorders at Murders at Karlov Manor

MTG’s Karlov Manor and Ravnica: Clue Edition Preorders Send You Solving a Mystery

You read that right - you will need to hire a detective for Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming sets Murders at Karlov Manor and Ravnica: Clue Edition. As their names suggest - you’ll be helping Alquist Proft and the Ravnican Agency of Magicological Investigations to uncover a gruesome murder! Or maybe you’ll join the murderers and spread some chaos instead?...
IGN's sneak peak of Doctor Who MTG cards celebrating the 60th anniversary of the franchise.

Doctor Who Returns to Magic: The Gathering With More Magical Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey

Whovians around the world will be over the moon to learn that Wizards of The Coast are about to release more Doctor Who content very soon, following up on the successful Doctor Who commander deck releases earlier this year. They were very well received by the community, as seen by the comments in their feature episode on the popular...