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A self-proclaimed warrior-poet, Krasen is a man of many hobbies – ranging from combat sports training, LARPing, to writing poetry. One of those many hobbies happens to be board games. Be it with a fist, pen, sword or keyboard – he aims to be just, merciless and effective.
Czech Games Edition and Deal with the Devil designer Matúš Kotry

Czech Games Talks “Deal with the Devil” with Matúš Kotry

Recently, Czech Games interviewed “Deal with the Devil” designer Matúš Kotry. When asked about his childhood, Matúš shared that he started off as a child who loved playing video games. Eventually, he started not only playing them, but also creating and designing them just for fun A Video Game Developer Turned Board Game Wizz This eventually led to the decision to...
Junk Drawer's official Kickstarter campaign launch.

Winsmith Games’ Second Board Game “Junk Drawer” Is Now on Kickstarter

Startup board game studio Winsmith Games announced the start of its second ever Kickstarter campaign for their latest game “Junk Drawer.” The game studio itself is relatively new, known only for its debut game “Gallon Tank”. While the first game had mixed reception, the Kickstarter campaign for “Junk Drawer” looks very promising. It is descriptive, colorful and very detailed...
CoraQuest's upcoming expansion on Kickstarter.

Charming Dungeon-Crawler CoraQuest Is Getting an Expansion

The father-daughter designer duo of Dan and Cora Hughes and the creators of “CoraQuest” seem to enjoy designing board games and getting in touch with their community so much they are about to do it again. This time, it’s the launch of “CoraQuest: Keep on Questing” that will bring fans a fresh expansion to enjoy! CoraQuest’s New Expansion: Details and...
Stranger Things scene from the movie.

Pandemic Legacy Designer Works on CMON Stranger Things Game

The latest Netflix board game based on the hit series Stranger Things was announced during the Dice Tower’s Summer Spectacular announcement stream. “Stranger Things: Upside Down” takes you on a ride through Hawkins and its horrors. Stranger Things Game Based on a Legacy Experience The game will be developed by none other than Rob Daviau – the esteemed board game designer...
Deep Print Games' new Caldera Park.

Savannah Park Designers Announce “Caldera Park” Board Game

“Caldera Park” is an upcoming board game from the minds of the German innovator duo Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling. The pair has once again partnered with publisher Deep Print Games, a team with proven track record, known for successful titles such as “Renature” and what could be considered the game’s predecessor, “Savannah Park.” Caldera Park’s Theme and Setting As a...