Junk Drawer's official Kickstarter campaign launch.
Image Source: Winsmith Games

Startup board game studio Winsmith Games announced the start of its second ever Kickstarter campaign for their latest game “Junk Drawer.” The game studio itself is relatively new, known only for its debut game “Gallon Tank”. While the first game had mixed reception, the Kickstarter campaign for “Junk Drawer looks very promising. It is descriptive, colorful and very detailed – definitely worth checking.

What Can We Expect in Terms of Gameplay?

“Junk Drawer” is designed for 1-4 players, suitable for ages 8 and above. As the name suggests, the players’ goal is to organize their junk drawer, which consists of arranging various shaped items the best way they can within four separate sections.

Each of those four sections has a unique organization goal, and each round, the players must place one item in each section. The game ends when a player has a turn where they are unable to add an item in any of their respective drawers. Note that while the game might be finished for one individual player, the remaining players must continue playing until they too cannot place an item in their drawers.

After the game ends, each drawer is scored based on its respective goal card. Whoever has the most points at the end wins the game.

The rules are pretty straightforward, but keep in mind organization goals vary wildly – some require you to fill in straight lines, other to have more room in the drawers (empty spaces), etc. So there is great variety and replayability to be found.

What Will Backers Be Getting?

There are several pledge tiers noted in the Kickstarter campaign. Depending on one’s purse, backers can show support for the game by spending as low as one dollar, up to the seventy dollar “Junk Drawer Retailer Bundle” – what could be considered the game’s “best value package”.

You can get a base copy of the game by pledging $35 to the “Base Pledge” – this gets you the game box, which includes the base game, a Promo Pack including 4 additional goals which will not be available in Post-Kickstarter retail, all unlocked stretched goals and a print and play version of the game.

Higher pledge tiers mainly consist of getting more copies of the base game and features, with added small monetary discounts, but as the Kickstarter campaign progresses, this might change to include more goodies.

The Kickstarter campaign promises worldwide shipping, but backers note that shipping costs will be calculated after the campaign ends, so currently, there are no concrete numbers on that regard. However, Winsmith promises subsidizing 4 dollars per pledge in shipping costs for every region, which is a good way of showing appreciation to backers.

The game is set for launch in 2023, with base copies having an estimated delivery in July 2023. Our readers can find out more on the official Kickstarter campaign.

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