Hasbro's Monpoly Barbie
Image: Hasbro

The Barbenheimer hype-train is not quite over as the customary board game paraphernalia is just starting to appear. First in the line is the new Barbie edition of Monopoly by Hasbro which will introduce you to the pinkest version of the game of them all. Players plunge into Barbie world by choosing from six Barbie-inspired… pink tokens, which are Dog, Sportscar, Speedboat, Barbie, Roller Skate, or Show.

The game will then prompt you to pick a Be Anything card which will determine your career as a chief executive, teacher, astronaut, and so on. Then, you are all set and off to the races, building Dreamhouses. When you roll the dice, players who roll a “B” will be able to use their Be Anything skill, which will give them an advantage, depending on the professional and character.

You can further achieve career and fashion goals by using the Dream Career and Dream Closet cards. As Hasbro puts it, you get to “express yourself and live your dreamiest dream.” Although a glamorized version of the game, this is still Monopoly, and you definitely do not want to go bankrupt.

Not only that, but you may still end in jail, adding a bit of variety to your fashion and career moments. The game may not appeal too much to the traditional board game lot, but the Monopoly genre is a good gateway experience for many people into the hobby.

Hasbro has worked with virtually any popular culture franchise you can think of, be that Game of Thrones, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Mario, and hundreds other. Barbie Monopoly is available for preorder on Amazon now for $24.99. The first Barbie game was released in 1960 by Golden, Mattel, Inc, but no new tabletop games have been released since 2011.

Stoyan entered the hobby over seven years ago and his collection has been growing at a pace his spouse has described as “concerning.” Willing to push the boundaries of the connubial bliss to its extremes, Stoyan is here to bring you the latest updates and developments from the world of board games.


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