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The best Monopoly versions of the world's most popular board game.

Best Monopoly Versions

Legend has it that there are as many Monopoly versions as grains of sand on the beach or as many stars in the sky. Basically, if there’s a fandom – there’s a Monopoly-themed game waiting around the corner. This isn’t surprising, as Monopoly is a highly marketable board game, being as old as the sand on the beach and...
Hasbro Monopoly Abu Dhabi

Monopoly Goes to Abu Dhabi With New Limited Edition

Have you ever dreamed of going to Abu Dhabi? Or, perhaps, owning a property there? The iconic board game Monopoly is about to make your dreams come true (well, at least on the tabletop) with its latest regional makeover, featuring the capital of the United Arab Emirates and only a few months after the Monopoly Barbie edition. Fans of...
Hasbro's company logo.

Monopoly Maker Hasbro Lays Off 1,100 People Before Christmas

Pre-Christmas layoffs have not made much sense historically, but they have been seen as a way to pull the rubber band quickly. After all, why wait until after New Year to give someone the bad news if you can spoil their festive spirits? This is the logic Hasbro has pursued as well, announcing that the company behind Play-Doh, Transformers and...
Hasbro's Monpoly Barbie

Hasbro Introduces Barbie Monopoly

The Barbenheimer hype-train is not quite over as the customary board game paraphernalia is just starting to appear. First in the line is the new Barbie edition of Monopoly by Hasbro which will introduce you to the pinkest version of the game of them all. Players plunge into Barbie world by choosing from six Barbie-inspired… pink tokens, which are...