Betrayal at the House on the HIll Evil Reigns in The Wynter's Pale The Yuletide Tale Expansion
Image: Avalon Hill Games/Hasbro
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One of the best horror board games of all times, Betrayal at the House on the Hill 3rd edition is getting a new festive installment. The new expansion’s full name has a macabre ring to it and is aptly called the Evil Reigns in The Wynter’s Pale The Yuletide Tale Expansion, but you need not wait until Christmas to get it either, as the addon will be arriving on November 1 and be available for $21.99.

What the new expansion is going to do, though, is make your Christmas properly terrifying. The expansion fits into the base game and allows players to interact with the characters from the original, and along with two holiday-themed characters.

“Because of a magical mishap, the cold-hearted visitor and his henchman have assumed identities of other beloved holiday characters and have acquired numerous magical powers,” the official description of the game states. Meanwhile, the third edition of the game is a worthwhile purchase for anyone interested, as the game introduced quality, components, and slight rule streamlining to make the game even more worthwhile.

When the third edition was released, Hasbro noted that it had changed the Haunt matrix with a Scenario which determines why a character has come to the house. There has been plenty more changed as well. In the meantime, the Betrayal Evil Reigns in the Wynter’s Pale The Yuletide Tale will truly add to your experience and make you enjoy your favorite horror board game in a refreshed and deeply engaging setting.

Fit for ages 12+ and for 3-6 players, Betrayal at the House on the Hill is definitely one of the most worthwhile and enjoyable games in the genre to try. Another expansion was released previously for the game, with Betrayal the Werewolf’s Journey Blood on the Moon also well-received by fans of the title.

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