Avalon Hill and Hasbro's HeroQuest Path of Wandering Monk
Image: Avalon Hill/Hasbro

HeroQuest is experiencing a revival under Hasbro and Avalon Hill, with the companies putting a significant effort to resuscitate the 1989 classic role-playing dungeon-crawler board game by Milton Bradley. In fact, HeroQuest has had quite the solid following on its own, with fan expansions and storylines produced at a rapid pace.

Now, though, the pair has decided to continue innovating through more content. After announcing The Frozen Horror expansion, and a Rogue Heir of Elethorn character collection, and a few other goodies in the bag, HeroQuest is back with Path of the Wandering Monk, the latest instalment in the ever-sprawling franchise – now available on Amazon.

The expansion was revealed at Gen Con 2023, and it will be available to players for $14.99, making a nice and affordable addition. Path of the Wandering Monk comes with two Monk character options – a male and female, along with their miniatures. There is a scroll, 7 game cards, plus 4-double sided ability cards with Elemental Style techniques. The monks assume control over nature’s elements, such as Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water.

The scroll speaks of something called the “World’s End Tournament,” which could be a teaser to a future expansion that will build upon the existing expansion. The Monk is a hero student who focuses on unarmed combat techniques, fixating on the use of the 4 elements. The character may still make use of handaxes, shortswords, staffs, crossbows, and daggers, and pose a threat to any foe that underestimates the Monk’s training.

In the meantime, HeroQuest already offers the Rise of the Dread Moon Quest Pack for anyone who is keen to get it now on Amazon and add to their HeroQuest experience right away. Meanwhile, Path of Wandering Monk is coming to retailon January 15.

Stoyan Todorov

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