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Hasbro's newest expansion packs for HeroQuest, Prophecy of Talor and Spirit Queen's Torment as available on Amazon for preorder.

HeroQuest’s Latest Quest Packs Hit Amazon Preorder

The revival of the HeroQuest dungeon crawler experience has been going well, with the seminal title now getting two more quest packs available to preorder on Amazon. The two packs, Prophecy of Telor and Spirit Queen’s Torment, add to an already rich selection of previous releases that have been going strong since 2021 and the release of the highly...
Avalon Hill and Hasbro's HeroQuest Path of Wandering Monk

HeroQuest Reveals Wandering Monk Hero Collection – Now Available

HeroQuest is experiencing a revival under Hasbro and Avalon Hill, with the companies putting a significant effort to resuscitate the 1989 classic role-playing dungeon-crawler board game by Milton Bradley. In fact, HeroQuest has had quite the solid following on its own, with fan expansions and storylines produced at a rapid pace. Now, though, the pair has decided to continue innovating...
Avalon Hill Games' new HeroQuest Mage of the Mirror quest expansion.

New Quest Pack in HeroQuest Will Have Players Save a Princess

The HeroQuest franchise can never get dull – not even a little. This is not least thanks to Avalon Hill’s continuous efforts to offer fresh and modular content that sets heroes on new quests over and over again, each fittingly captivating.  Princess in Distress, Heroes on High Alert Now, Avalon Hill is releasing HeroQuest: The Mage of the Mirror Quest Pack...
HeroQuest base game and expansion The Frozen Horror.

HeroQuest: The Frozen Horrors Preorders Shipping on September 1, 2022

“HeroQuest” fans who didn’t get their hands on “The Frozen Horror” expansion in the crowdfunding campaign for the game, will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief as Avalon Hill has now launched preorders. You may purchase the game at Hasbro Pulse and expect shipment on September 1, 2022, the publisher says. The Frozen Horror Has Awakened to...