Avalon Hill Games' new HeroQuest Mage of the Mirror quest expansion.
Image credit: Avalon Hill Games

The HeroQuest franchise can never get dull – not even a little. This is not least thanks to Avalon Hill’s continuous efforts to offer fresh and modular content that sets heroes on new quests over and over again, each fittingly captivating. 

Princess in Distress, Heroes on High Alert

Now, Avalon Hill is releasing HeroQuest: The Mage of the Mirror Quest Pack which is expected to hit retail shelves before the end of the first quarter this year. The expansion was first previewed during Gen Con 2022 and is finally arriving. 

In this expansion, the players will face off with Sinestra, a powerful mage, who has kidnapped Princess Millandriell. The expansion pack will start with one player taking the role of the Elf character and venturing into the game to first retrieve a legendry sword that will allow the player to free other characters and join them on the mission to free the Princess and snuffing the diabolical archmage out of existence. 

The new set will bring a fresh Quest Book along with 10 quests, 33 finely-detailed miniatures to keep adding to the realism and immersive nature of HeroQuest, and 35 game cards to tie all of this together. The new expansion is also a fitting addition to the base game available for 1-5 players and played over 30-120 minutes at a time.

The game is intended for players aged 14+. Meanwhile, HeroQuest fans have been most excited about the new expansion, as Avalon Hill has hardly failed to produce a worthy addition to the HeroQuest lineage since the original game by Gamers Workshop Ltd. came out in 1989.

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