HeroQuest base game and expansion The Frozen Horror.
Image Source: Avalon Hill Games

“HeroQuest” fans who didn’t get their hands on “The Frozen Horror” expansion in the crowdfunding campaign for the game, will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief as Avalon Hill has now launched preorders. You may purchase the game at Hasbro Pulse and expect shipment on September 1, 2022, the publisher says.

The Frozen Horror Has Awakened to Test Heroes’ Resolve

HeroQuest’s latest expansion has been designed for 2-5 players as heroes come together to vanquish the ancient evil that was defeated once in the past, but has taken to its icy tomb to recover and regain its strength. The Heroes will have to venture through the frigid Northlands to reach the beast and defeat it in a battle to the death.

But getting there would be no easy task, as this frozen horror is already rallying its servants who will assail you on your journey to their master. The only way is forward as all that lies behind you is endless desolation. The monster is not the only thing you are after, as you want to destroy the Scepter of Glacial Majesty and make sure that this part of the world is free from evil once and for all.

The game is based entirely on the HeroQuest Game System, a familiar setting for old players and an exciting experience for new ones. The expansion is also based on the re-released game which was printed again in 2021 with significant improvements to its game components. “The Frozen Horror” is a very affordable expansion listed for only $44.99 and it comes with a number of excellent additions to the game.

More Replayability to Be Found in Frozen Horror

Players can expect to find 21 high-quality miniatures, 10 exciting quests that are newly-added and not part of the original HeroQuest Game System, and a promise that you can venture in the tundra to slay evil as many times as you like. Replayability is emphasized in this game.

You will also find the quest book, the frozen horror beast, and so much more. The game will require that you have the base HeroQuest board game if you wish to play the expansion. Avalon Hill assures that players can even put their imagination to work and create their own quests and stories.

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