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Hasbro, the company behind blockbuster IPs such as Monopoly and Dungeons & Dragons may be looking at integrating artificial intelligence into its board games before long. Hasbro recently announced a partnership with an Italian AI company, Xplored, which the publisher confirms is intended to allow it to develop a new tabletop platform that mixes elements of digital and physical play.

Introducing Seamless Digital Integration with the Physical World

The floated idea is to build board games that feature smart-sensing technology and dynamic multimedia content, possibly shaping the future of board games as we know it. Of course, rushed efforts to litter board games with bells and whistles of malfunctioning tech is not going to cut it so Hasbro needs to tread lightly.

However, the company is confident that its partnership with Xplored can be a firm first step in the right direction. Xplored describes itself as a company that connects physical and digital worlds, helping players to remain focused on the game and derive better satisfaction from their gameplay.

Among the discussed benefits from this potential integration is to make learning games far more entertaining without the need for a rulebook, the opportunity to save games and continue later, and more.  There is connected dice and immersive contextual sound that seem to be within Xplored’s technological remit to accomplish and deploy.

Commenting on this exciting opportunity, Hasbro Gaming senior vice president and general manager Adam Biehl confirmed that it’s his company’s intention to seamlessly onboard powerful AI-driven game mechanics into physical games:

As the global leader in tabletop games, we envision a future where technology seamlessly integrates into analog gaming experiences and working with Xplored enables us to deliver innovative gameplay to our players and fans.

The exact parameters of this partnership have not yet been fully defined, nor have there been any titles suggested as testing ground just yet. Xplored founder and chief executive officer Davide Garofalo said that his company was excited to be collaborating with Hasbro, as the company has a bulky portfolio of iconic games and titles that are well-established in the industry.

A Tested System That Works

These games have been bringing joy and entertainment to fans and families for generations, and we look forward to continuing that tradition by empowering Hasbro’s brands with our smart Teburu technology to enhance the user experience,” Garofalo said.

Xplored boldly calls Teburu the future of board gaming and is already working with publishers and developers. The system will be integrated in Vampire: The Masquerade: Milan Uprising, which is launching its Gamefound campaign in just hours from now.

Among the games powered by Teburu are Sword & Sorcery and The Bad Karmas. The system is bound to become even more popular and familiar to the average board gamer now that Hasbro is involved.

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