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CMON's Zombicide White Death game.

Zombicide: White Death Is CMON’s Latest Kickstarter

The dead have risen, they have frozen to an icicle, and they are now shuffling even slower but in the same deterministic see-a-human, eat-a-human way. In...
Zombicide: Rio Z Janeiro art for the game.

Zombicide: Rio Z Janeiro Expected in 2023, CMON Confirms

CMON’s all-time favourite miniature survivalist board game is coming back with a new expansion for players to enjoy. Since November last year, there has...
Zombicide's Gear Up box.

Take Out Zombies Like Never Before with “Zombicide: Gear Up”

“Zombicide: Gear Up” is a cooperative board game set in the world of “Zombicide” - as the name suggests, you will have to survive...