Zombicide: Rio Z Janeiro art for the game.
Image credit: CMON

CMON’s all-time favourite miniature survivalist board game is coming back with a new expansion for players to enjoy. Since November last year, there has been a lot of chatter about Zombicide 2nd Edition getting a new expansion, the aptly named Zombicide: Rio Z Janeiro, but the news has not been confirmed, apart from an entry on the CMON’s website.

Now, a new entry about the speculated-about game has been created on BoardGameGeek, a global repository of all things board games, with the date firmly set for 2023, and more festive zombie killing on the way. A popular tourist attraction, the Rio de Janeiro Carnivale will take a darker, flesh-eating twist with the streets flooding with the undead who are out to snack not so much on the delecatable local cuisine as they are down too munch on the locals.

The shambling hordes of zombies may kill the buzz for most of the Carnivale-goers, but they will certainly seem like an opportunity to you – the hardened team of one to six players who set out to cleave your way through the undead and emerge gooey-covered and victorious.

Treat the Infection or Save Your Own Skin

The new campaign will put some tough choices to the players – just like a real-life zombie apocalypse would. As players chop their way through rotting flesh and hanging guts, they catch wind of a cure that could save countless lives and put the pandemic at bay, but would players agree to investigate further or head out for the safety of the sea instead?

No designer has been listed for the title, but CMON has been confirmed as the publisher – which is not exactly news. The new expansion takes about 60 minutes of playtime and it’s intended for players who are 14 years of age or older.

Other than that, and while no actual photos of the game are still available, you can expect the high production quality that has defined the entire franchise along with its great miniatures and spot-on art that pulls you into the immersive and horrifically fun world of Zombicide. Time to kill some zombies, chop-chop!

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