Zombicide: White Death design diary 2
Image credit: CMON

Popular board game publisher CMON’s recently announced the latest addition to the Zombicide franchise – Zombicide: White Death. In fact, Nicolas Raoult, White Death’s designer released the game’s second design diary, which contained exciting new details in regard to the game’s new setting, mechanics and characters.

In the previous design diary, it was revealed that White Death will introduce two new playable humanoid-animal-hybrid races to the game – the Khanra cat-people, and the Kenshan canine people. While they don’t have any special rules attached to them, they will certainly add diversity and richness to the Zombicide universe.

New Undead Abominations Add Whole New Levels of Complexity

This time, the focus was on the latest additions to the zombie horde that the players will have to face and defeat. Zombicide: White Death’s setting is centered around Wintergrad – a frozen, medieval-style city surrounded by undead. In previous Zombicide games, players could escape the undead horde. In White Death, however, there is no escape – survivors must resist the undead onslaught and ultimately survive the siege of Wintergrad and protect the Beacon inside at all costs.

The city itself introduces snow-covered urban areas and medieval ramparts. These new areas will have special rules, tailored specifically to fit the setting of the game, creating new tactical and strategic opportunities. Wintergrad’s huge walls are normally impassable for both survivors and zombies alike. The walls further separate the game board into seven areas, which players must move around using either stairs or rope ladders and repel the horde on Battlement Walkways on top of the walls.

And just when you thought you were safe behind the city walls, the Khan Abomination – a new character introduced in the game – can climb them freely. This makes it a truly formidable foe for the players, as it may surprise them at every corner. But that’s not all – the Defiler Necromancer, another new character, places Corruption tokens that disable any Zone’s special abilities. And if that wasn’t scary enough – that includes ramparts. If his corruption trail reaches the Beacon, the game is lost.

A Kickstarter Campaign Is Already on Its Way

These new mechanics called for creating the Abomination and Necromancer decks, adding to the game’s strategic complexity, without hindering the main Zombie deck.

To help them fight the undead hordes and new terrifying threats, players can call upon Guards – special player-controlled NPCs, and call upon the thematic Freeze mechanic to temporarily immobilize zombies.

The Kickstarter campaign for Zombicide: White Death is set to launch soon, although a specific date has not been revealed as yet. Nevertheless, the expansion already has an ever-growing community, as it promises to be a unique and exciting addition to the Zombicide franchise.

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