CMON's Zombicide White Death game.
Image credit: CMON

The dead have risen, they have frozen to an icicle, and they are now shuffling even slower but in the same deterministic see-a-human, eat-a-human way. In other words, CMON is back with a brand new instalment in the Zombicide franchise, “White Death,” bringing a biting cold with it. Sounds good, right? So, let’s dive a step further into what we know as of right now.

The Frozen Lands of the Dead

Welcome to Wintergrad, The Sun’s Gate where the temperatures are sub-zero, but you will stay warm on account of all the running you will be doing. Years ago, the survivors of the plague triumphed over the horde of the undead, but it seems the dead have that pesky quality of just not letting go. 

As the trailer to the game rhetorically asks players: “can [you] endure the cold grip of death?” Well, judging by the hundreds of thousands of people who beat Zombicide the answer is almost certainly – yes. Will this take out of the fun? Not one iota. The video trailer for the new game is very well made and will have newcomers to the franchise and its loyalists lining up to at least have a glimpse at the Kickstarter campaign that is due to start before long.

Previously, CMON confirmed Zombicide: Rio Z Janeiro for 2023. So, if you don’t like the coldness of the north, you may want to dive into the festivities of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. Only watch out – things are going to get heated pretty fast.

You can follow Zombicide: White Death on Kickstarter and be notified when the crowdfunding campaign starts. CMON has been releasing many instalments and chapters in the franchise, from Marvel zombies to fantasy scenarios, all to the roaring approval of the fan base.

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