Zombicide and Monty Python
Image: CMON

CMON’s critically acclaimed board game Zombicide: Second Edition will be getting a rather silly expansion (pun intended) centered around the fan-favorite comedy troupe Monty Python and some of their most favorite sketches. This latest expansion offers a unique and fun look at the zombie apocalypse, and what would happen if zombies showed their silly side.

The aptly named Monty Python’s Flying CircusA Rather Silly Expansion for Zombicide: Second Edition will require a core copy of Zombicide: Second Edition in order for it to be playable. The new Monty Python-themed expansion alone will cost $50. While there is an obvious comedic touch to the expansion, players need to beware – the new enemies are some of the most dangerous to ever be released, and underestimating them will lead to their swift downfall.

Fan-Favorite Monty Python Characters Come To Unlife in Epic Fashion

Apart from new enemies, A Rather Silly Expansion will feature six brand-new playable characters from various Monty Python sketches. Players will get to experience what is like to fight a horde of zombies, or any horribly silly (pun intended) enemy as:

  • Arthur Nudge from the “Nudge Nudge“ sketch, played by Eric Idle.
  • The Fish Slapper from the “The Fish Slapping Dance“ sketch, played by John Cleese
  • The Lumberjack – from “The Lumberjack Song“ sketch, played by Michael Palin
  • Arthur Ewing – from “The Musical Mice“ sketch, played by Arthur Ewing.
  • The Colonel – a recurring character, first appearing in the “Whither Canada?“ sketch, played by Graham Chapman
  • The Knight with Raw Chicken – another recurring character in Seasons 1 and 3, played by Terry Gilliam

Each character will have a special ability that can either motivate teammates or slow down the approaching zombies. For instance, The Knight with Raw Chicken motivates his hitting them in the head with his trusty instrument of destruction. This is especially synergetic with The Fish Slapper, who whacks the zombie horde with his trusty fish every time he receives friendly fire. The Colonel on the other hand used his strict “no silliness” enforcement to stop the approaching zombies entirely.

Consequently, the above-mentioned Colonel’s ability is perfect for stopping The Silly Walkers – a new enemy inspired by Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks. Apart from this new enemy, players can expect (or not?) to face the Spanish Inquisition, Hell’s Grannies, The Giant Foot, and the deadly Undead Parrot. Players will get to face these much-feared enemies in April 2024, when the expansion is scheduled for release.

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