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A self-proclaimed warrior-poet, Krasen is a man of many hobbies – ranging from combat sports training, LARPing, to writing poetry. One of those many hobbies happens to be board games. Be it with a fist, pen, sword or keyboard – he aims to be just, merciless and effective.
Gamers Workshop, Gnarlwood.

Enter the Gnarlwood – Warhammer Underworld’s Most Accessible Expansion

Games Workshop has revealed that Warhammer Underworld’s 7th season is on its way, and it will place players in Ghur - the Realm of Beasts, more specifically in the savage man-eating forests of the Gnarlwood. Games Workshop has further promised that it will also be “the most accessible Warhammer Underworlds core set ever released”, which will allow new players to...
Trampoline Park's official board game cover art.

Iranian Board Game Studio Launches a Tabletop “Trampoline Park”

“Trampoline Park'' is a board game centered around trampolines, brought to us by Soren Game Studio - an Iranian games studio aiming at popularizing Iranian board game designers and artists. The game’s designer, Hassan Hekmat, is also the head of Soren Games Studio. Anyone who’s ever been to a real-life trampoline park knows how fun it is to jump around...
CMYK's new game, Daybreak.

Matt Leacock and CMYK Choose Backerkit Over Kickstarter for Their Latest Title

Matt Leacock’s next co-op board game was launched just recently on the crowdfunding platform Backerkit. Board game enthusiasts will be quick to recognize Matt Leacock’s name - he is the creator of the critically acclaimed board game “Pandemic”. He will be co-designing his latest creation with fellow game designer Matteo Menapace. The game will be published by CMYK. The game...
Z-man and Asmodee's Star Wars Pandemic game.

A Star Wars Pandemic System Game Is on Its Way Soon

Star Wars fans rejoice - game companies Asmodee and Z-Man Games have announced that they will be joining forces together to create “Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Pandemic System Game”. As the game’s title suggests, it will be set during the events of the Clone Wars, where up to 5 players will take on the role of legendary...
Menyr's Kickstarter campaign.

Storytelling Engine “Menyr” Reaches New Goals

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of board games experienced a resurgence. They became a perfect way to relieve stress and socialize with your favorite group of friends during times when partying, going to the cinema or a concert was either forbidden or highly restricted. During those times, “Dungeons and Dragons” surged in popularity, attracting many...
Toukana Interactive's Dorfromatik's PC game.

“Dorfromantik” Is the Latest PC Title to Receive a Board Game

“Dorfromantik” will be yet another PC title to hit the board game world in the form of “Dorfromantik: Das Brettspiel” (translation: “Dorfromantic: The Board Game”). It will carry the same theme as its PC predecessor - players will be placed in a relaxing game world where they will have to place hex-tiles on the map, in order to build...
Keyforge's Winds of Exchange

“Keyforge: Winds of Exchange” Might Be the Key to Reviving Keyforge

The newest set for the popular card game franchise “Keyforge” will be key to its survival. “Keyforge: Winds of Exchange” will essentially be used as a measuring stick to determine the overall interest in the game. The choice to set up a crowdfunding campaign instead of a major retail release was not easy. “Keyforge” suffered multiple issues right when it...
Disney's Lorcana card game reveal.

Lorcana Takes Over D23 With New Card Reveals

D23 Expo is always a sight to behold - fans are treated with exclusives that can only be obtained there, and major announcements and surprise reveals are announced. Some things exceed all expectations. This year, it was “Disney Lorcana”. The new collaboration of Disney and Ravensburger had one of the most popular booths, perhaps surpassing Star Wars venues in...
Dawn of Ulos board game cover art.

“Dawn of Ulos” Designer Announces Several Live Events via Kickstarter

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become a god, controlling the fate of mere mortals at your whim? Then look no further than “Dawn of Ulos”, the latest installment of the “Roll Player” universe. The game will be published by Thunderworks Games, the studio behind the original “Roll Player” and “Cartographers” games, on which “Dawn...
Flashback Zombie Kidz' new game cover art and components.

Solve Clues and Save the World From Zombies in “Flashback: Zombie Kidz”

“Flashback: Zombie Kidz,” the newest installment in the “Zombie Kidz” franchise, is going to involve a lot of detective work - there will be investigations, case-solving, and hunting for clues. The first game of the series - 2013’s “Zombie Kidz”, saw players take on the role of children working together to fight off the undead horde and save their neighborhood...