A live Catan World Championship tournament.
Image Source: Catan Studios

The 2022 “CATAN” World Championship will be co-hosted by CATAN Studio, Kosmos, and CATAN GmbH and will be the first time competitive “CATAN” players have competed in a worldwide, in-person competition since 2018. The CATAN World Championship, typically held every two years, had to skip the 2020 scheduled event due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its many complications. Normally, Kosmos and CATAN Studio took turns in terms of hosting the events, but this year, they have combined their efforts with CATAN GmbH due to the sheer scale of the event.

The island country of Malta is quite fitting for the stage of the “CATAN” world championship, given the game’s setting and lore. In a truly thematic fashion, players will battle against one another on an actual island country. The event will welcome all qualified players from all over the world and put them in an intense and exciting tournament to determine who is the best settler out there. The winner will earn all the bragging rights worthy of a “CATAN” strategy master and a stunning trophy to accompany them. Quetzal Jimenez will come all the way from Mexico, eager to defend his world champion status.

More Than 80 Players Will Compete for the Title of “CATAN” World Champion

Those interested in the 2022 CATAN World Championship – from casual fans to everyday players – are more than welcome to watch the event unfold live at “CATAN”’s official website. Fans have many reasons to watch the event, albeit from afar, as it will host more than 80 competitive players pulled from the 2019, 2021 and 2022 qualifiers. This means that this year’s CATAN World Championship event will be the largest one yet!

“We are thrilled to be able to bring the best players from around the world to Malta to compete in two days of competitive gameplay…CATAN is the powerful, universal story of humanity’s quest to explore the world, and by hosting the 2022 World Championship we are bringing that quest to life. Players will have to be clever, flexible and adaptable to bring home the champion title.”, said Kelli Schmitz, CATAN Studio’s Brand Development Director.

Staying true to its roots, “CATAN” is all about curiosity, adventure, harvesting, peaceful negotiation, and growth. Every “CATAN” player knows the satisfaction and thrill in growing a small village into a thriving and successful community. “CATAN” has a surprisingly deep story, rooted in exploration, bravery, deep moral values, history, mystery, and mysticism.

“One of the core messages of CATAN is that we can all grow and prosper peacefully…In order to achieve prosperity, we must trade wisely with one another and help each other out.”, said CEO of CATAN GmbH, Benjamin Teuber.

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