Spirit Island's Nature Incarnate's expansion.
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Greater Than Games released a new expansion to their hit game “Spirit Island” to tremendous success. The campaign launched on 18 October via Backerkit, reaching several backer goals with lightning speed.

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate” has been extremely successful so far. The $40,000 funding goal was reached in less than 15 minutes after the campaign started, despite little product information given by Greater Than Games. Initially, backers had to only go with a promise of eight new spirits, as well as a new adversary and a new Incarna mechanic.

Greater Than Games have since improved the Backerkit campaign significantly, adding new product information, new shipping details and some visual updates. The campaign is still going strong and has already passed $650,000 in funding – an indication that “Spirit Island” are more than excited about the upcoming expansion.

Fans Are Expressing Some Concerns – How Will Greater Than Games Answer?

Despite the overwhelmingly successful campaign start, there have been some issues, which were voiced both in online forums and on the Backerkit campaign page, most notably with the product pricing and seemingly unjustified pledge level differences.

Greater Than Games have addressed the issues, albeit partially, via a Backerkit update. The update claims the lack of details on the campaign launch was due to concerns that the page would be too long, but assured updates are coming. The pledge level differences were also addressed, citing “last-minute adjustments to the number of card sleeves in various bundles”. Most notably, the expensive shipping costs were also addressed, citing COVID restrictions and increased production costs. The studio assured backers that solutions are being looked at.

Improvements to the Achievement System Are on Their Way

Mere hours ago, another update was also released, addressing the campaign’s achievement system, promising “a bunch of new information on how things are going to work for the rest of this campaign”. This will apparently be included in another update, which will be released tomorrow, along with the announcement of the fulfilment of the next achievement level.

The Backerkit campaign for “Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate” will be available until the end on 17 November 2022. There are several backer options: a basic pledge of $55 will get you an expansion copy, with the most expensive option being the $470 all-in pledge, which will include the original “Spirit Island” game, all three previous expansions, as well as card sleeves, foil spirit panels, and premium token packs. The three previous expansions (“Branch & Claw“, “Jagged Earth“, and “Feather & Flame“) will also be available for the top three pledge levels.

It is clear that Greater Than Games are putting a lot of effort into correcting its errors and are responding to community concerns on a regular basis, which is a good sign that things will improve in the future. We will definitely keep an eye out for any future updates and bring you the latest news as they come.

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