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Moonrollers and Moonrakers

IV Studio Announces High Risk – High Reward Space-Themed Board Game

If you’re a fan of high-risk - high-reward dice roller board games, look no further than Moonrollers, a game that is most certainly not for the faint of heart. Despite the relatively simple summary, Moonrollers is more than meets the eye, having an interesting set of mechanics and strategic possibilities. Coming straight from the chaos-loving brains of IV Studio, Moonrollers...
Cephalofair Games' Backerkit campaign.

Cephalofair Launches Gloomhaven Grand Festival with $2M Funding Goal

Cephalofair Games, the creators of one of the most epic role-playing board games of all time, Gloomhaven, are back on Backerkit with a new campaign that reunites several of the company’s new products. This includes Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game, Miniatures of Gloomhaven, and Gloomhaven Second Edition. To realize this project, Cephalofair Games is now collecting a $2,000,000 funding goal...
Restoration Games' upcoming Umatched Adventures.

Restoration Games Teases Unmatched Adventures Coming in March

The Unmatched Series is going to get even more interesting. After Restoration Games said it would be phasing out some of its core sets, but promised to add five new sets in 2023 and 2024 both, fans can now look forward to something even grander. Unmatched Adventures Is Upon Us: What Is It? The company used its official Twitter account to share a...
Spirit Island's Nature Incarnate's expansion.

Spirit Island’s Latest Expansion Is off to a Great Start

Greater Than Games released a new expansion to their hit game “Spirit Island” to tremendous success. The campaign launched on 18 October via Backerkit, reaching several backer goals with lightning speed. “Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate” has been extremely successful so far. The $40,000 funding goal was reached in less than 15 minutes after the campaign started, despite little product information...
CMYK's new game, Daybreak.

Matt Leacock and CMYK Choose Backerkit Over Kickstarter for Their Latest Title

Matt Leacock’s next co-op board game was launched just recently on the crowdfunding platform Backerkit. Board game enthusiasts will be quick to recognize Matt Leacock’s name - he is the creator of the critically acclaimed board game “Pandemic”. He will be co-designing his latest creation with fellow game designer Matteo Menapace. The game will be published by CMYK. The game...
Restoration Games's BackerKit preview.

Restoration to Launch BackerKit Campaign for “Return to Dark Tower”

The world is a wicked place and much of this wickedness can be attributed to the Dark Tower, well… towering above most of the known world. You will probably want to participate in toppling the gigantic structure which emanates evil as far as the eye can see, but there’s one little problem. You are out of print. You missed...