Cephalofair Games' Backerkit campaign.
Image: Cephalofair Games

Cephalofair Games, the creators of one of the most epic role-playing board games of all time, Gloomhaven, are back on Backerkit with a new campaign that reunites several of the company’s new products.

This includes Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game, Miniatures of Gloomhaven, and Gloomhaven Second Edition. To realize this project, Cephalofair Games is now collecting a $2,000,000 funding goal with the campaign launched on Backerkit still going on for 29 more days.

So far, there has been $1,415,426 pledged to the project from 5,803 backers. The campaign is launched under the “Gloomhaven Grand Festival,” which is celebrated as offering players and fans of the franchise three new ways to explore the game. The campaign is already packed with quite a few exciting milestones as well.

Today, Isaac Childres, the designer of Gloomhaven, is going to hold an RPG session with friends. On June 23 and June 24, there will be miniatures painting and a presentation of Gloomhaven 2.0. There are multiple things to choose from in the campaign as well.

Get Your Gloomhaven On at Reasonable Pricing 

There are lots of options to choose from as well. For example, Gloomhaven: Second Edition is right now going for $130 through Backerkit. Frosthaven costs $180 through the campaign. If you want to secure the Miniatures of Gloomhaven Full Set, which features all the minis you would need for both Frosthaven and Gloomhaven, this is the go-to.

For a massive pledge known as “The Big One” and featuring Gloomhaven Second Edition, Gloomhaven RPG: Deluxe Bo Set, and miniatures, as well as Forteller Audio Narration for Gloomhaven: Second Edition, this is the edition to go. 

The RPG Core Book can be bought for just $30 from the campaign, with Cephalofair Games offering plenty of great value at reasonable pricing. The rates offered by the Backerkit are seriously discounted from what they would normally cost in retail, which is all the more reason for you to pounce at this tremendous opportunity and scoop your copy of the game, and the many additional perks that are featured there as well. 

For reference, “The Big One” is set to cost $795 in retail. Gloomhaven is said to have sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide, although this information is in all likelihood dated.

Stoyan Todorov

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