Restoration Games' upcoming Umatched Adventures.
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The Unmatched Series is going to get even more interesting. After Restoration Games said it would be phasing out some of its core sets, but promised to add five new sets in 2023 and 2024 both, fans can now look forward to something even grander.

Unmatched Adventures Is Upon Us: What Is It?

The company used its official Twitter account to share a 30-segment teasing the arrival of a new chapter in the Unmatched experience simply referred to as “Unmatched Adventures.” Not much is yet clear about the project, but an official Backerkit, a crowdfunding website, the page has been set up, with March 23 as the date to look forward to.

The announcement was done beautifully with a radio transmission reminiscent of the old-school horror show, sending clear War of the Worlds and Twilight Zone, or even Lovecraft-esque vibes. This transmission was loaded with suspense. A man was narrating his encounter with an enormous being with glowing red eyes.

These beings, whatever they were, said the man, had a rimless, pulsating mouth and glistening skin. Not much about the context of this encounter is known and it’s not very clear how the narrator survived his encounter or whether he was reading from the diary of another less fortunate individual. Further details about the project have so far been kept under tight wrap.

Backerkit presently features more than 2,000 subscribers who are anticipating the official launch date and looking forward to it. 

Dungeon Crawler, Legacy, or Something Different? 

Still, some speculation is already in the air. Unmatched is a highly-popular battle system that focuses on skirmish battles. Creating a narrative, legacy or dungeon-crawler-driven format around it is not too farfetched, and it would definitely make for a worthwhile addition to the series.

Judging by how well the teaser was done, we are fairly confident that what is coming next for the Unmatched franchise should be big and definitely strike home with established fan bases and perhaps draw new fans to what is seemingly the macabre world of the upcoming project as well. 

All the while, Restoration Games has wasted no time and it has been adding to its number of new sets, with a Marvel Teen Spirit set announced in mid-February. 

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