Unmatched Teen Spirit Marvel
Image credit: Restoration Games

Restoration Games is wasting no time dilly-dallying and the publisher is bringing us a new set available to buy directly from the website right now. Unmatched Marvel: Teen Spirit is the latest set which sells for $50 and features a delightful variety of new opponents and characters, with Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Cloak & Dagger all stepping into the acclaimed battle system.

New Fantastic Characters Join the Unmatched Fray 

The art in the new game is the work of Heather Vaughan with four pre-washed miniatures for Cloak and Dagger, Ms. Marvel, and Squirrel Girl in the main box. There are also 8 plastic squirrel sidekick tokens and 4 custom life trackers coming in the new set, along with the instructions. Marvel: Teen Spirit is a standalone expansion in the series and can be used on its own or combined with other boxes to face off with any of the previous characters in the Unmatched battle system.

The characters have been crafted to stay true to the original franchise, but to also fit neatly in the Unmatched universe. Ms. Marvel will be able to embiggen or “shrink, shrink, shrink,” bringing her formidable self against opponents and dealing away with any foe just in time for dinner with family and friends.

Squirrel Girl will face you off with a bunch of sidekick squirrels by her side. As Unmatched puts it, she is looking to “eat nuts and kick butts,” and the game box suggests that she is very close to… unbeatable, but we doubt this. Cloak & Dagger will attack you with light and shadow. The two miniatures fight side-by-side in perfect unison to truly challenge you on the battlefield and put even the best fighters amongst you up against a corner.

Once you are done playing with the standalone set, you are free to introduce the miniatures and characters across different previous sets for even more fun encounters. In related news, Restoration Games recently announced that the company will be retiring two of its sets in 2023, to name Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot and Cobble & Fog. The company expects to be releasing five new sets in both 2023 and 2024, though, so a silver lining after all.

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