The Cobble & Fog Restoration Games' product.
Image credit: Restoration Games

Restoration Games has announced the retirement of two of its Unmatched sets, with Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot and Cobble & Fog placed in what the publisher has described as “the vault.” While this is not the end of the journey for the sets, and they may be reprinted at a later date, they will nevertheless go out of print in 2023.

The Vault Grows Heavier with Retired Releases 

This is part of Restoration Games’ plan to help retailer partners to focus on individual sets. The company acknowledged that the Unmatched roster has got a little too crowded and the time has come to streamline what options are available to hobby stores. Restoration Games owner Justin D. Jacobson commented on the decision and said:

This, in turn, presents challenges for our retailer partners in deciding what to order and for our customers in deciding what to buy. By putting these titles in the vault, we can give more focus to our active and upcoming sets.

Restoration Games owner Justin D. Jacobson

The company already plans to go ahead with five new sets for both 2023 and 2024, which will also include a yet-to-be-revealed licensed property. Both Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot and Cobble & Fog are some of the highest-praised entries into the series, with the latter actually ranking the highest in terms of all listed sets on ranking and community website BoardGameGeek. 

The vault already contains a number of other sets because of expired licenses, including the ones for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bruce Lee, and Jurassic Park. Unmatched has already been launched as a digital board game with the help of Acram Digital, popularizing the gameplay further. 

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