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The world is a wicked place and much of this wickedness can be attributed to the Dark Tower, well… towering above most of the known world. You will probably want to participate in toppling the gigantic structure which emanates evil as far as the eye can see, but there’s one little problem. You are out of print. You missed out the Kickstarter campaign for “Return To Dark Tower” which brought in 23,661 backers who pledged $4 million.

Second Chance to Tackle Evil in “Return To Dark Tower”

You just had better things to do. Well, it doesn’t matter, because Restoration Games is at it again with a new crowdfunding coming on BackerKit once again, which will feature not only the original game and expansions, but a brand new chapter in the game.

The new campaign is set to start about 16 hours from now so you better set an alarm. The new campaign will feature the base game along with the “Alliance” and “Dark Horde” expansions, as well as the neoprene board, The Coffers, tokens, custom card sleeve and so on.

But guess what? There is also the “Covenant” expansion, which will introduce new treasures and characters, new challenges, and all the other goodies that you could pack in a box and that will bring you joy. “Return To Dark Tower (2022)” is designed by a bunch of clever board gaming designers, including Tim Burrell-Saward, Isaac Childres, Noah Cohen, Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson and Brian Neff.

This star team is here to make sure that your 1-4 player “Return To Dark Tower” will be proper satisfying. The game is a sequel to the 1981 game by the same name. The plot of the game has your heroes’ complete missions, hone their skills, and prepare for the ultimate showdown with the horror that lies locked in the tower.

Players will discover a bunch of excellent gameplay features as well. You will have to rely on engine building, resource management, tinker around with the interface, which is hoping to raise the bar for how such solutions are implemented into board games. “Return To Dark Tower” has not been an easy affair for the designing team.

Restoration Games said that it took them three years of painstaking work to put it together – about two dozen designers participated, from the actual gameplay crafters to the artists who poured their heart into drawing the game. Great production quality, art and feeling ties “Return To Dark Tower” together. Don’t you go backing of this opportunity.

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