RONE Invasion, a new board game and its cover.
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Stepan Stefanik and his board game studio GREIFERISTO’s Kickstarter campaign for the newest “RONE” game is a success, surpassing the $60,416 backer goal.

“RONE: Invasion” is a highly strategic deck and dice-building game, set in a grim future where nuclear war has devastated Earth. Humanity has been reduced to warring factions fighting for dominance over the wasteland that remains. Eventually, common reason takes hold and a ceasefire has been declared. In a last-ditch effort for diplomacy, the warring factions have gathered for a peaceful negotiation in an attempt to make some sort of peace. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned. Celesta, a rogue AI initially sent on a mining expedition on Mars prior to the nuclear war, has enslaved her hosts, dubbing them Cynexians. Now, as their bodies diminish, Celesta and her Cynexians invade Earth to seek new, fresh host bodies.

Evolve Your Strategy With Dice Crafting

The players take on the role of one of the warring factions, either defending what remains of Earth from the Cynexians or fighting each other for dominance, depending on the game mode. “RONE: Invasion” has a unique mechanic – dice building and improvement. Each game box comes with editable dice and different colored dummy screws, which represent different resources. They can be edited during the game, which means players have to carefully strategize and decide which resource pool they need more. These resources are used for playing cards and using their effects.

Fight off the Invasion or for Dominance – The Choice Is Yours

The game has three game modes for every type of player – solo, cooperative or competitive. The difference between solo and competitive play is simply the number of players involved. In both modes, players collectively take on the invading forces of Celesta the game is played the same way, but the extra potential strategic and synergistic combinations are bound to make the game even more interesting. In competitive mode, players challenge each other in one-on-one combat to prove which one is ultimately stronger.

“RONE: Invasion” is suitable for 1-2 players, but the game is expandable to include up to 4. Due to its high level of strategic complexity, the game is suitable for ages 14+. A game of “RONE: Invasion” is expected to last anywhere from 45 to 95 minutes due to its complexity. The higher number of players doesn’t necessarily mean longer game sessions, as “RONE: Invasion” allows for simultaneous play. This means players don’t need to wait for someone to finish their turn.

A pledge of €66, which is about $66-67, provided a base copy of “RONE: Invasion”, which contains everything necessary for the two-player experience. The up-to-four-player experience cost backers €115, which is about $116, which will also include all Kickstarter stretch goals and exclusive content. Alternatively, backers had the option to purchase the additional player add-on for €20 – about $21. It is important to note that the add-on is for one player only, so to reach the maximum number of players, backers need to purchase two add-ons. It is reasonable to expect the same kind of product availability when the game hits the retail markets, but that remains to be seen.

“RONE: Invasion” is expected to release in August 2023.

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