Cosmodrome Games' Frozen Frontier Kickstarter.
Image Source: Cosmodrome Games

The highly realistic and strategic Eurogame’s Kickstarter campaign is coming to a close, and we can now officially say that the campaign was a success, surpassing the $40,000 goal.

“Frozen Frontier” is set in a grimdark future setting. By the 22nd century, due to overpopulation and industrialization, the Earth is struggling. There is not enough space to live normally anymore, and resources are growing scarcer by the day. Fortunately, scientists have discovered a wormhole which leads to the resource-rich planet of Janus, dubbed the “two-faced planet”. Its surface is extremely harsh, however, with hellish Helium-3 solar winds on one side and frozen seas of methane gas on the other. Humanity’s adaptability is put to the test, as we have no choice but to settle on this new dangerous world in order to collect its valuable resources.

A Unique Shared Economy System Allows for Player Cooperation

Even though the goal appears to be shared – the survival of the human race – corporate greed knows no bounds. The players take on the roles of representatives of huge corporations, fighting for influence over the resource-rich world. They must populate colonies for victory points, mine resources and make amazing scientific advancements. “Frozen Frontier” has a shared economy and allows for player cooperation. One of the game actions that players can make each round allows for exactly that – using your opponent’s structures to make important research and advancements. Players can also choose to construct buildings or receive currency by using a subsidy card.

After three rounds, players count how many victory points they have earned. The one with the most points is declared the winner! There are several ways to earn victory points – controlling cities (the corporation with the most buildings and AI tokens controls it), settling colonists, fulfilling Shipment contracts and finally – any “end of the game” effects.

“Frozen Frontier” is all about realism. The developers from Cosmodrome Games have made consultations with space researchers and Arctic design and construction experts, in order to make a system that would mimic a real-life scenario of such magnitude as accurately as possible. This allows for a whole new level of immersion. It would seem that even in the event of a world-ending crisis situation, corporations are still fighting for profit.

“Frozen Frontier” is not for the faint of heart, as it is marketed as a game for experienced players, ages 12 and up. It is best played by four players, which will allow for maximum advantage of the shared economy system. A single game of “Frozen Frontier” can last from 120 to 180 minutes, so you will need some time on your hands. A base-game copy cost backers $85, but the Kickstarter campaign warns that the retail price is expected to be higher – there is currently no information on exactly how much higher it will be. “Frozen Frontier” is scheduled for release in August 2023.

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