Kids on Bikes: Second Edition KS cover art.
Image Source: Kids on Bikes: Second Edition KS

Developed by Hunters Books, the popular 80’s-style horror-infused Collaborative World Building RPG “Kids on Bikes: Second Edition” just shared some exciting news and updates on their Kickstarter page.

“Kids on Bikes: Second Edition”’s Kickstarter campaign has been extremely successful, surpassing its original $20,000 goal with ease – in less than an hour – and is now over 630% funded, with 1773 proud backers, and those numbers are not slowing down.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, “Kids on Bikes” is set in a small town, where regular 80’s kids end up exploring some big mysteries and battling otherworldly and supernatural threats of varying shapes and sizes. It became widely popular, standing out with its 80’s aesthetic, reminiscent of the Goonies and Monster Squad franchises, which attracted both RPG and horror fans alike.

The Development Team Share Their Excitement

In a recent update post on Kickstarter, Markeia McCarty – the Marketing Director for “Kids on Bikes: Second Edition” – shared her excitement in regards to the campaign’s success, such as the unlocking of additional 10 Adventure Zines with 11 amazing contributors. In addition, she reminded “Kids on Bikes: Second Edition” enthusiasts and backers that there are still more exciting stretch goals to be reached.

For instance, a campaign backing of $130,000 will ensure the collaboration of famed monster actor Alexander Ward, known for being a core member on “Vampire: The Masquerade L.A. By Night”, where he took on the role of Jasper Heartwood to amazing success.

A further backing of $140,000 will ensure the collaboration of Saige Ryan, best known for her participation in Smosh Games and being part of the Smosh Family (i.e. the famous sketch comedy youtube channel “Smosh”).

The list of the already-unlocked Adventure Zine contributors and collaborators include Tanya Depass, Banana Chan, HTTPaladin, Zac Eubank, Aabria Iyengar, Ripmika, Luis Carazo, Jasmine Bhullar, Malika Lim Eubank, Kristin Devine and Diana Loraine. As you can see, “Kids on Bikes: Second Edition” has an amazing team of collaborators, which is sure to bring some exciting content our way.

The final $150,000 backer goal currently remains a mystery, but considering the already revealed Zine contributors, it’s sure to be something (or someone) to be excited about.

Despite it being a second edition, the “Kids on Bikes: Second Edition” will support all products previously released for the first edition, such as Strange Adventures #1 and #2, as confirmed by “Kids on Bikes: Second Edition” creators Doug Levandowski and Jonathan Gilmour.

The Kickstarter campaign will remain live for 8 more days, so future backers still have time to make a pledge. A PDF copy of “Kids on Bikes: Second Edition” will cost you $25 (this pledge includes VTT materials), and a pledge of $35 will include a soft-cover book. The next $45 pledge, dubbed the “Kickstand” is important, as it is stated that everyone who donates at the Kickstand level and beyond will be getting the unlocked Adventure Zines for free. Hunters Books have stated that the game is nearly ready and will be sent to print very shortly after the campaign ends. It is set for official release in July 2023.

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