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Kinghill's official Kickstarter funded preview image.

Steamforged Games Secures Debut Board Game Success Kinghill

Steamforged Games keeps on growing with the company acquiring the acclaimed worker placement strategy game Kinghill, and the intellectual property to the title. Rated...
Sea of Thieves video game pirate ships.

Steamforged Teases Sea of Thieves Board Game in the Works

This will be the year of board games inspired by video games. True, board game adaptations of video games have been happening for quite...
Steamforged Games reveals expansions for Dark Souls: The Board Game.

Dark Souls: The Board Game Is Getting Two New Standalone Expansions

Steamforged Games, the company behind “Dark Souls: The Board Game”, has announced that the game will be getting two new standalone expansions starring two...
Rivet Wars' Kickstarter campaign reboot by Steamforged Games.

Steamforged Games Announces Kickstarter for “Rivet Wars: Reloaded”

Steamforged Games announced the Kickstarter campaign of “Rivet Wars: Reloaded” on Tuesday, which got the fans of the franchise buzzing with excitement. “Rivet Wars”, the...
Steamforged Games and Euphia's new kickstarter campaign for 2022.

Steamforged and Diea Bring Euthia Back to KS on July 26

A new crowdfunding campaign is set to begin on July 26 with Steamforged and Diea Games teaming up to bring the fantasy tabletop saga...
Rivet Wars' original 2014 kickstarter campaign by CMON which raised more than $580,000.

Steamforged Games Acquires Rights to Rivet Wars Franchise

Board games publisher Steamforged Games has acquired the intellectual property for “Rivet Wars,” a miniatures-driven tabletop game launched in 2014. The out-of-print game was...