Steamforged Games' Monster Hunter World Iceborn board game.
Image credit: Steamforged Games

Monster Hunter World board game is going to get another installment in the series with Steamforged Games, the acclaimed publisher and developer of tabletop experiences inspired by video games, readying a new Kickstarter campaign for the game.

Another Worthy Installment Arrives to the Monster Hunter Franchise

Steamforged will be bringing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne: The Board Game, which is modelled to the original sequence of the video game. The original tabletop Monster Hunter is without a doubt one of the best video game board games and things are only about to get even more worthwhile.

In Iceborn, players can expect to find the same game system that underpins Monster Hunter: World. Once again, teams of hunters will plow through the icy wilderness, going after various dangerous creatures. Players who manage to complete a successful hunt will have the opportunity to contribute their spoils towards the crafting of more powerful equipment.

Monster Hunter World Iceborn: The Board Game is hoping to add some variety to the already familiar gameplay, too, however.

There will be some new mechanics added, including the clutch claw, whereby a player in the video game, at least, latches to a monster to quickly close in a distance with an enemy – this entire mechanic reminds of Dune and how the Fremen use the sand worms to travel around Arrakis undetected.

Excited to be Working with Capcom on The New Monster Hunter

In the meantime, Steamforged Games chief creative officer Mat Hart has welcomed the opportunity to continue working with Capcom on the new installment:

We’re beyond excited to continue our journey through the Monster Hunter: World universe. There are many big fans of Monster Hunter on the team, and it’s been a pleasure seeing how positively the first board game has been received as an authentic and faithful adaptation.

Steamforged Games chief creative officer Mat Hart

Hart confirmed that his team is fully committed to making Monster Hunter Iceborn: The Board Game become a reality with a fresh tabletop experience for fans of the original video game to appreciate. As players wait for the new campaign to start, there are some good news for those of you who prefer to stick to retail copies instead.

The original game, which raised $4.2 million in crowd funding on Kickstarter will have a retail version which is headed to game shops on May 18.

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