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Video games are fun, and they can be just as fun if you tried their board game version. Today, we take a look at 15 board games based on video games. We will overview each of these titles, and tell you why they may be good for you, and how they stand out. 

While tabletop games and video gaming are very different, we are confident that the titles you find on this list will provide you with some of the best board game experiences inspired by the video gaming industry. 

As we write this, there are more upcoming games inspired by video games, including Apex LegendsStreetfighter VSea of Seas, Rome Total War, and many others. We won’t be adding these to our list just yet, but you are free to keep yourself appraised of any updates about these and other games by keeping an eye on our news section instead.

List of Best Video Games Based on Board Games 

The following list has taken into consideration all board games inspired by video games and has shortlisted the 15 titles we believe to be the best options for you to try. We have based this opinion on overall community reception, our own experience with certain titles, and a detailed look into the crowdfunding campaign and retail rollout of each of the games.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game

Skyrim: The Adventure Game board game cover.
Venture through the province of Skyrim and face fresh horrors.

The Elder Scrolls is one of the most significant video gaming franchises and it has at long last got its very own board game treatment. The adaptation has received high praise from die-hard fans who were stoked to plunge into the world of Skyrim in this cooperative adventure. 

Just like in the video game, players get to choose between many characters, including Nord, Dunmer, Imperial, Altmer, Khajiit or Orsimer and improve their characters as they progress through familiar sites from the game. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has packed a lot of content that feels fresh with every sit-down, offers outstanding replayability which the publisher says is “endless,” and generally stands out with its fantastic living board and customizable characters. 

2. Pac-Man: The Board Game

Pac Man: The Board Game cover.
Survive the hungry ghosts and collect the most 8-bit points!

Once all the rage at the arcades and clunky ol’ things that passed as computers back in the 80s, Pac-Man: The Board Game is the tabletop treatment of the title. The setting must be painfully familiar to you, as you get to dodge the pixel-eating ghosts who will gobble you up in a moment if you are not careful. 

Players can play collaboratively or competitively as they navigate the maze and try to avoid getting eaten by the ghosts while collecting as many points as they can. The winner is any of the 2-5 players who end up collecting the most points by the time all players have been turned into a quick snack or no points are left in the maze to collect! 

3. Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate 

Betrayal at Baldur's Gate board game.
You and your fellow heroes face a nameless evil that corrupts the minds of men.

Baldur’s Gate is a fitting option when it comes to the board games hobby inspired by video games. In a way, this title allows you to relive the greatness of the video game in a fresh and riveting setting that will have you face off with Bhaal and the monstrosities he sends through to fight the heroes.

The game also emphasizes on player count, as you need 3-6 players to get rolling in the board game adaptation of the video game, too. As you fight these horrors, you will also have to keep your eyes out for a traitor amongst your ranks as the spawn you fight corrupts the minds of the weak. 

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is a great continuation of the franchise and an exciting installment in the series that any fan – board games or video gamer – must try.

4. The Witcher: Old World & Adventure Game

The Witcher: Old World cover.
The Old World awaits in the prequel to Geralt’s exploits.

The Witcher: Old World follows in the rich world of the original video games by CD Projekt Red and the even richer world of Andrzej Sapkowski. In Old World, players will become monster slayers themselves whose service can be bought for a fair coin, but whose morals are incorruptible. 

In a familiar vein, you will have to make questionable decisions, fight horrors and embark on new quests to collect trophies for your exploits. The first player to collect the pre-agreed number wins. Each Witcher will craft their deck of cards to muster when the time is right. There are plenty of expansions available for this game, making it easier for you to add more content, challenges, and narrative to pull the thread of as you play along. 

Then you have The Witcher Adventure Game, which will bring back everyone’s favorite Geralt of Rivia, unlike Old World, which is more or less a prequel. This title is rich in lore and execution, making a compelling game to try yourself if you are a fan of the franchise or looking to find out more about it.

Once again, players will rely on their unique development decks to bring important changes to the world and their fate. One nice touch here is that you will concoct potions to use in the heat of battle and even cast powerful Witcher Signs, bringing your full talents to bear. 

Witchers are a mostly loyal lot, but they are also solitary, and you may choose whether to help others or let them clean up their own mess. 

5. Gears of War: The Board Game

Gears of War: The Board Game cover
GOC soldiers set out to destroy the Locust vermin in this high-action board game adaptation.

The Gears of War video game is one that millions of fans around the world love, so who better to bring it to the board games hobby than Corey Konieczka, the man who created StarCraft: The Board Game, Descent Journeys in the Dark, and World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game among many others. 

Well, Gears of War is everything you would expect it to be, although, with the small caveat that the game was introduced in 2011. It has nevertheless aged like a fine wine. In the game, you get to be a GOC soldier locked in a fight to the death with the Locust, making your final stand against the oncoming juggernaut of genetically altered humans.

The game offers plenty of replayability, as you will be handed one of seven missions in 60-180 minutes of playtime. Set for 1-4 players, this is one of the earliest board games inspired by a video game to feature a solo mode. Flawless design is Konieczka’s signature style, and it shows in Gears of War. 

6. Company of Heroes & Company of Heroes: 2nd Edition

Company of Heroes: The Board Game 2nd Edition cover.
Triupmh over your opponents in urban warfare as you control infrantry and machinery among the rubble.

Company of Heroes 2nd Edition is a game developed by Bryan Kromrey and Bad Crow Games. The designer debuted in the tabletop hobby with the introduction of Relic Entertainment’s video game to the board games cobby and creating a sound design, backed by solid miniatures, and gameplay decisions.

While the first copy was released in 2021 to the roaring approval of fans, a second, improved edition, was announced about a year after with the arrival of Company of Heroes 2nd Edition in 2023. This highly-tactical game adapted from the real-time strategy video game does the war gaming hobby justice in every sense of the word. At the same time, it successfully finds inspiration from more familiar games in the tabletop hobby such as Undaunted, Memoir 44, and others.

Company of Heroes is a massive military conflict with a lot of goodies coming in the base game, across hundreds of terrain and army options to enjoy. The game is set for 2-4 players and plays over 90-150 minutes in what is a fast-paced military conflict that recreates the suspension of the video game as armies clash and battle over control of urban spaces. 

7. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice.
Work in the shadows through the story-driven campaign to uncover some of the biggest secrets of Renaissance Italy.

Successful video game adaptations to board gaming take a whole team of creative people to bring them to fruitful realization. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice is no exception with Ubisoft making sure that its iconic video gaming series got a worthy board games adaptation. Designed for 1-4 players and played over 30-90 minutes this story-driven cooperative game will put you bang in the middle of the Assassin’s Creed universe.

You venture back in time to the Italian Renaissance and play through the captivating and well-written story-driven campaign that will have you face unexpected foes, take on fresh challenges, and continuously improve your character and capabilities as you face even stronger opponents. 

The story-telling in the game is beautifully done and does the original video game credit, but there is more, with 400 cards, 139 standees, 5 miniatures, 41 tiles and 6 secret envelopes to make your gameplay even richer and more varied with every playthrough the 26 available “memory” campaigns. 

8. XCOM: The Board Game

The cover of XCOM: The Board Game.
Bandy together to develop technologies in time to ward off an alien attack on Earth.

XCOM: The Board Game will have 1-4 players band together and work against the clock to protect the world from hostile aliens that are bent on eradicating humanity. That is unless you develop new technology that will help protect mankind against the invading force. Players will cutting-edge and experimental defense weaponry such as Interceptors to shoot down UFOs, and infantry will be dispatched to face the unknown races. 

The game also comes with a dedicated digital app companion, which is also available online without the need to download the dedicated software. The app will dictate the pace of alien invasion with players responding against the invaders by shifting forces, launching preemptive attacks and constantly advancing their scientific and technological knowledge. 

But make no mistake, the app-driven gameplay makes for a greatly rewarding overall experience with fans of the video game feeling like they are once again attempting to save Earth from a fatal end at the hands of the hostiles. XCOM also plays a great game if you choose to try it solo, too. The fate of the world is in balance and time is of the essence. 

9. Bloodborne: The Board Game 

Bloodborne The Board Game cover
The hunters set out to trace the source of the madness that has spawned unimaginable horrors in the world.

Bloodborne is a highly-thematic miniatures game adapted to the tabletop hobby with its unique flourish. Designers Michael Shinall and Eric M. Lang are some of the most prominent names in the board games hobby, and they have instilled the world of Bloodborne: The Board Game with the gripping gothic-narrative that you expect to find in the video game.

1-4 players will get to fight through monsters, beats, and angry crowds to guarantee their survival and get closer to the source of the evil that seems to be washing over the entire world. The game relies on card-driven combat, with some luck in there for a nice flourish as well. Players will have to make smart decisions if they want to triumph in battle, but death is not the end.

Just like in the video game, a fallen hero will awake again in the Hunter’s Dream and take on their quest anew. Yet, each revival will bring fresh challenges. Can you make it through to the end and discover the source of evil or are you going to become this madness’ latest victim instead? 

10. Doom: The Board Game 

Doom: The Board Game cover.
The Horde’s legion has broken loose on Mars and it’s down to you and your fellow marines to extinguish their lives.

Doom: The Board Game is one of the earliest adaptations of a video game to the tabletop hobby. It was released in 2004 and designed by the capable hands of Christian T. Petersen and Kevin Wilson, both of whom have developed many brilliant games in the years that followed, including Descent, Cosmic Encounter, Arkham Horror, and so many more. 

Well, Doom: The Board Game is one of their earliest forays into the hobby, and boy – what an attempt it is! Inspired by Doom 3, the game will put 2-4 players of marines against the Hell legion that just keeps on coming as they try to stem the tide and defend Union Aerospace Corporation’s Mars.

Fail, and the demons will spread their reign over the solar system and eventually reach Earth. Players will have to move quickly, improve their equipment, and clear one area after another, allowing reinforcements to pour in and strengthen mankind’s stand against the demons. Falter, and the demons win. The game has multiple scenarios to provide you with a highly-rewarding and dynamic play, plus the coveted variety! 

11. This War of Mine: The Board Game 

This War of MIne: The Board Game cover.
Survive as the civilians in a war-torn city that is still under attack.

This War of Mine is perhaps one of the best board games based on a video game. It’s a critically-acclaimed title in both the tabletop and video gaming hobby. Designed by Michał Oracz and Jakub Wiśniewski, the game will have 1-6 players try to survive a battle-torn city with hostilities still ongoing.

Players will have to make difficult decisions to guarantee their survival, often at the expense of others, with their very humanity put to a test. As the hostilities continue, players will have to take shelter during attacks and then comb the streets to find materials and supplies they can use to weather the storm.

Each player will seek to personalize their character through many choices that will alter the gameplay and bring you closer to a different Epilogue of the game. This War of Mine is a beautiful interpretation of the video game title, but if anything, it plays even better as a board game, owing to the hobby’s tradition of building fantastic survivalist games. 

12. Fallout

Fallout Board Game cover
The world has ended and tribal clans compete for dominance.

Fallout tells the familiar story of the apocalyptic aftermath that has changed the world and transformed it into a Darwinesque maxim – survival of the fittest. In Fallout, 1-4 players will battle over 120-180 minutes and try to navigate a world rife with challenges and unable to trust anyone.

Each player will be handed an individual quest that they will have to complete while facing ferocious enemies and striking some semblance of balance with the other warring factions in the game. The game comes down to gaining influence and becoming more powerful in the dark world of tomorrow while striking what is an intricate balance with fractions that ever attempting to conquer the rest. 

The sector-by-sector hex gameplay offers a lot of exploration, changing scenarios, and a highly rewarding experience from start to finish, with some excellent components and miniatures that truly do the video game credit and immerse you in the atmosphere of Fallout. 

13. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game

Horizon: Zero Dawn board game cover.
Embark on a space odyssey to face off with rogue machines and their masters.

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best board games based on video games. The game is a semi-co-op experience for 1-4 players enjoyed over 60-70 minutes. Participants will choose a hunter and embark on a perilous journey into the wilderness where they will face rogue machines that put up a fierce fight.

Sherwin Matthews designed the game and successfully developed innovative mechanics to do the video game due credit and ensure that the tabletop experience remains captivating from the moment you leave the Hunter’s Lodge to the moment of your final boss battle. 

Each playthrough feels unique and rewarding, and you face fresh challenges every time you embark on a new mission. The game’s variety is only the tip of the iceberg, as your decision-making process will determine whether you triumph or perish. 

14. Resident Evil 3: The Board Game 

Resident Evil 3: The Board Game cover
Escape Racoon City as the mutants continue to swarm the streets and seek to kill everything that is not them.

It took a few attempts, but Resident Evil 3: The Board Game is the tabletop adaptation that the franchise deserves. Enjoying a great rating on BoardGameGeek, and suitable for 1-4 players, the game sends you back to 1999 and sets a clear task in front of you – escape Racoon City as the infected keep on coming and trying to tear you apart.

The title is one of the best video game adaptations for the board games hobby, features cooperative gameplay and will let you choose and play iconic characters from the franchise, including Carlos Oliveira, Jill Valentine, and others. Your escape will be fraught and punctuated by peril at every corner, as a tension deck mechanic makes sure that your choices have impactful outcomes and that you may run into trouble just like the characters in the video game run into infected monsters! 

Resident Evil 3 is highly-thematic, but this is not its main selling point. It’s a game that has successfully created a solid design to underpin the entire experience, courtesy of Sherwin Matthews. 

15. Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn

Civilizaiton: A New Down board game cover.
Build your city and develop your civilizationa as you trade, make technological leaps and fight rival empires.

A true classic, Sid Meier’s Civilization has naturally found its way to the board games hobby. The original tabletop title arrived in 2010 but then a streamlined version came in 2017, along with a fantastic expansion that followed a few years later. Civilization: A New Dawn does the video game due credit.

Designed by James Kniffen, the game has proved a hit with both board gamers and fans of the video game. Players get to enjoy a slightly abstract, but compelling gameplay made even better with Terra Incognita, the expansion that arrived in 2020 and further changed the dynamic of the game, adding a fifth player on top of all the other improvements it made.

Just like in the video game, you will get to develop your civilization, stare down your opponents, and attempt to build wonders or secure victory by vanquishing all remaining players on the board.  

Stoyan Todorov

Stoyan entered the hobby over seven years ago and his collection has been growing at a pace his spouse has described as “concerning.” Willing to push the boundaries of the connubial bliss to its extremes, Stoyan is here to bring you the latest updates and developments from the world of board games.

Stoyan entered the hobby over seven years ago and his collection has been growing at a pace his spouse has described as “concerning.” Willing to push the boundaries of the connubial bliss to its extremes, Stoyan is here to bring you the latest updates and developments from the world of board games.


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