Kolossal Games' upcoming Gamefound campaign for Street Fighter V.
Image credit: Kolossal Games

Kolossal Games has just launched the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition – Legends Gamefound crowdfunding campaign for the fighting game with around 5,500 board gamers following the project at launch time. 

The game is focused on recreating the authenticity of the video game and media franchise but bringing it as part of a solid tabletop design that helps players enjoy the brawling action that unfolds in an urban setting as part of a team facing various nemesis and rivals. 

Ready, Set, Fight!

Street Fighter V: Champions Edition – Legends is launching as a cooperative game for 1-4 people and players aged 14+. The game plays in 30-90 minutes and it is going to be available in French and English, along with a $75 price tag. Players will seek to master their abilities throughout the game and unleash powerful combos, fighting as Ryu, Dhalsim, Ken, R. Mika, Chun-Li, Laura, Zangief, Karin, Ibuki, Rashid or Sakura. 

All of these characters come with beautiful miniature sculptures that will be the center of attention on the battlefield. Players also have access to 84 style cards, with six decks of 14 cards each, and they will face four nemeses, along with their minions. The campaign also comes with exclusive goodies to be snapped up during the funding period. 

Each success on the battlefield will bring players the opportunity to charge their fighter’s EX gauge and spend it to power abilities, reroll dice, or even upgrade the special abilities that are uniquely tied to each World Warrior. 

Players play two cards before the nemesis takes a turn to fight back and activates their minions. To get to the nemesis, players will first have to deal with the villain’s underlings who will be protecting their master’s location. 

Kolossal Games is confident that the game is worth getting an early copy of right now, as it will come with more exclusive content as well as offer backers a chance to enjoy the game ahead of retail release. The project has been long in the works with the first comment on BoardGameGeek appearing over a year ago. 

The game is taking on the rather tall order of recreating the nostalgia of the video game and bringing it to the tabletop experience. Kolossal Games seems confident enough in the success of the upcoming fighting board game. You may back the campaign yourself now. 

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