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Steamforged Games keeps on growing with the company acquiring the acclaimed worker placement strategy game Kinghill, and the intellectual property to the title. Rated as one of the best titles on BoardGameGeek (although fans of Gloomhaven and Brass Birmingham may disagree about the rating’s accuracy), Kinghill combines numerous mechanics and ties them expertly together.

Enter Kinghill, An Amalgam of Excellent Features 

The title features worker placement, deck-building, card battling, and all of this comes against a fantasy backdrop. Two rival kingdoms struggle against each other in an attempt to rout the other so as to guarantee their own survival. This 2-player game has been developed by Petr Marek as his first game. The studio behind the game is Violet Dragon and the game was crowdfunded from October through November 2021 to a successful fulfilment in March 2023.

Steamforged is now planning to continue building upon the original core concept. Company CEO Rich Loxam welcomed the opportunity to see Kinghill join Steamforged’s family of titles. Loxam said that the company did not hesitate when it found out that it could buy the title and its IP and bring them under the company’s umbrella. He similarly seemed optimistic about the future of the game:

“We want to take Kinghill to a wider audience and share what we love about the game and get people playing. We have some really exciting plans to develop the game for the future and can’t wait to continue working with Petr and Violet Dragon.”

Company CEO Rich Loxam

Steamforged is confident that the company will be able to leverage its crowdfunding experience, publishing nous, and development expertise and bring Kinghill’s IP to a wider audience. Violet Dragon, the original studio that worked on the game, will not be left out of any imminent developments, however. 

The game is set for 2 players, plays over 45-90 minutes, and is suitable for ages 13+. Kinghill’s strength is not just in its seamless amalgamation of mechanics, but similarly in the quality of the components, the game’s story, and numerous paths to victory. Throw around devastating spells, bring forth mighty warriors, and play your cards smartly to win.

Kinghill’s Designer Happy for the Future of the Game 

Petr Marek, the game’s designer, was similarly excited about the opportunity that joining the Steamforged family meant for the game. The game is a labor of love, Marek stated, and it was massively rewarding to leave it in the company’s safe hands. 

“I’ve long been an admirer of their work and can’t wait to see how they apply their unique thinking and creativity to an already exciting game,” the designer said. Steamforged Games has developed a number of excellent games, including the Elden Ring: The Board Game, DARK SOULS: The Board Game, Horizon Zero Down: The Board Game, Godtear, Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, and so many others. 

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