Steamforged Games reveals expansions for Dark Souls: The Board Game.
Image Source: Steamforged Games

Steamforged Games, the company behind “Dark Souls: The Board Game”, has announced that the game will be getting two new standalone expansions starring two of the most popular boss characters.

Steamforged has experience when it comes to adapting popular video games into tabletop games. Other than Dark Souls: The Board Game, the company has also developed “Monster Hunter World: The Board Game”, “Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace”, among other titles.
The two expansions will be named after the popular and fan-favored Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered locations – the Tomb of Giants and the Painted World of Ariamis.

The stars of the expansions will be the respected areas’ bosses, who Dark Souls fans will be quite familiar with – Gravelord Nito, the Lord of Death; and the dragon crossbreed Priscilla.

The original Dark Souls board game was developed with the recreation of the infamously punishing Dark Souls videogame series in mind. Gameplay is much like Dark Souls. Players are required to slay challenging enemies, then level up with their souls (when they have enough of them) at a bonfire. However, resting on a bonfire brings those enemies back to life.

Players need to slay them again and again before taking on a big boss fight. Just like in the PC game, “Dark Souls: The Board Game” expects you to die, die, and die again.

Various New Enemies, New Game Rules and More!

Much like the original “Dark Souls: The Board Game” and the existing expansions, the “Tomb of Giants“ and “Painted World of Ariamis“ will include the same glorious miniatures and art as the original. Naturally, Gravelord Nito and the dragon crossbreed Priscilla will be included in the set, along with tons of new enemies that veterans should be familiar with – Engorged Pyromancers and Torch Wielders, the Phalanx and various skeletal abominations.

Mat Hart, Steamforged CCO and co-founder has also stated that the expansions will include a “community-driven revitalization of the rules”. So far, however, no further expansions on that statement have been added, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hart also says the new Dark Souls games will “make them highly accessible to new players” because of the fact they are standalone. This makes them suitable both for veterans and newbies. He speculates the community-driven rule changes “will be popular with long-standing fans”.

Steamforged says that no other purchases will be needed for a full campaign. However, it should also be noted the new releases will be fully compatible with the original “Dark Souls” board game. This means that if you happen to own a “Dark Souls: The Board Game”, you will have a lot more content to play.

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