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Games Workshop's Boarding Patrol for Adepta Sororitas.

Games Workshop Introduces 3 New Boarding Patrol Sets

Games Workshop keeps trickling in infantry armies that are ready to fight as the Boarding Action Warhammer 40,000 mode is well upon us. The...
Games Workshop's new Boarding Patrol sets.

New Warhammer 40K Boarding Patrol Sets Arrive on March 11

The Combat Actions format where familiar faces engage in fierce infantry battles has struck a chord with the community, and Games Workshop is investing...
Warhammer Community Update reveals Kharadron Overlords.

Games Workshop’s Kharadron Overlords Available for Preorder on March 4

Games Workshop has previewed a new Warhammer Age of Sigmar product line involving the Kharadron Overlords. The new products are expected to become available for preorder on March...
Games Workshop' newest Community Update.

Price Hikes Unfold as Games Workshop Reports Underwhelming NA Performance

Games Workshop has released a community update on the official Warhammer Community website, informing fans of the franchise that the 40,000 plastic kit ranges...