Flesh-eater Courts new Age of Sigmar box
Image: Games Workshop
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Games Workshop has revealed a new set for the Flesh-eater Courts which will be arriving for preorder on December 3. The box is excellent value for its money, and although the exact price tag is not yet cleared the set should offer a major discount on the individual model price.

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The set comes with 25 completely new plastic miniatures, led by the Abhorrant Gorewarden who is the general of this new host of Flesh-eaters, along with Varghulf Courtier, his trusted right-hand lieutenant, and three Morbheg Knights who can swoop and wreak havoc in the heat of battle.

The body of the box is 20 Cryptguard. The players also get the new 88-page Battlemore: Flesh-eater Courts, along with 27 warscroll cards, 30 tokens, and 33 enhancement cards. In a word? You are going to eke out fantastic value from this one.

This comes on top of the recently announced Age of Sigmar releases, which included four new Battleforce boxed sets, offering a unique host of armies to explore. Those have already headed for your local games shops although no deliveries have been made and preorders have been placed on Warhorde of Eternus, Primordial Starhost, Praetorian Spearhead and Vengorian Court.

The estimated delivery time for those is late December. As to the Flesh-eaters Court, the set’s value just looking at the raw models is hard to pinpoint as some of the models are brand new. A fair estimate would have the value pushing at least $350, though, whereas the box should be retailing for around $200. 

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