Warhammer Ashes of Faith Kill Team
Image: Games Workshop

It’s been a busy weekend in the worlds of Warhammer, as Games Workshop released a ton of content in its Sunday Showcase, with every single universe getting a spotlight. The anticipation built up for the massive 10th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 sends ripples across the Warhammer multiverse, bringing change and content everywhere. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

The Finale of the Gnarlwood Adds Two New Factions and Awesome Terrain

Let’s start with the pre-order reveal for the latest Warcry expansion, the much-anticipated finale of the Gnarlwood saga – Nightmare Quest. Not only will it bring an awesome conclusion to the saga, but also two brand new warbands: the vampire-inspired Royal Beastflayers and Sigmar’s own Questor Soulsworn for a total of 16 amazing miniatures – 10 for the Beastflayers and 6 for the Soulsworn.

And just when you thought two weren’t enough, Games Workshop will add an additional two warbands for all Warcry enthusiasts. Continuing with the vampire theme come the Askurgan Trueblades; and the Khorne-worshiping Claws of Karanak. Per 10th Edition standards, both factions will have their own unique datasheets.

Warcry Final Expansion
Image: Games Workshop

But perhaps what takes the cake is the terrain and building added to the set, as Games Workshop appear to take pride in their ziggurat Realmshaper Engine and accompanying terrain models. Speaking of which, Nightmare Quest will include a double-sided game board, 30 battleplan cards, 12 fighter cards, two warband abilities cards, and three divider cards.

But it doesn’t stop there – Nightmare Quest will include the 64-page Warband Tome: Might and Madness that will further enhance gameplay with different scenarios and the campaign rules for both Royal Beastflayers and Questor Soulsworn.

Rising From the Ashes of Faith Adds Awesome New Miniatures and Content

Focusing on Warhammer’s more “recent” times, Games Workshop is putting the Inquisition in the spotlight in their newest Kill Team: Ashes of Faith. In this new narrative, the forces of the Imperial Inquisition are tasked with cleansing an entire planet from a depraved Chaos Cult. Like all other Kill Teams, Ashes of Faith comes with a dedicated rulebook for the scenario, 40 miniatures – 23 Chaos Cultists (and their mutant friends), and 17 Inquisitorial Agents. As you might be aware, the Inquisition has an extremely rich and diverse roster, so the variety is guaranteed.

For fans of the Horus Heresy, there is the Campaigns of The Age of Darkness: The Siege of Cthonia to look forward to – a whopping 240-page book covering the epic battle for the homeworld of the Sons of Horus between the Sons of Horus and the Imperial Fists. Inside the book are campaign rules for the key battles of the siege, new rules for Zone Mortalis battles, as well as new options for units and wargear, featuring the Inductii, tank commanders, the Infernus Abomination, and the Vindicator Siege Tank.

Blood Angels, Captain in Warhammer 40K
Image: Games Workshop

And speaking of the Infernus Abomination, there are a ton of models involved with this release, including the above-mentioned monstrosity, Vheren Ashurhaddon – Master of the True Sons, Lord-castellan Evander Garrius – The Tyrant of Cthonia, and a massive line of Contemptor Dreadnought torso upgrades. All models and upgrades are absolutely stunning to look at and are sure to capture the eyes of players.

But the surprises don’t end there, as Games Workshop has also revealed that event-exclusive models will return on a Made-to-Order basis for a limited time frame, between May 20th and May 29th. This exciting miniature line consists of a Primaris Company Champion, along with many popular captains, Chapter masters, and other esteemed commanders.

Necromunda also got some love in the form of Outland Beastmaster and his sort-of-loyal Millisaur minions miniatures. Black Library also launched an eShorts subscription promotion that will run from May 22nd to May 26th. The full eShorts lineup is: Altar of Maws by Peter Fehervari, A Forbidden Meal by Carrie Harris, The Dust That Remains by J H Archer, The Whispering Blade by Matthew Harffy, and Stealing Orpheon by Richard Ford.

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