Gamers Workshop, Gnarlwood.
Image Source: Gamers Workshop

Games Workshop has revealed that Warhammer Underworld’s 7th season is on its way, and it will place players in Ghur – the Realm of Beasts, more specifically in the savage man-eating forests of the Gnarlwood.

Games Workshop has further promised that it will also be “the most accessible Warhammer Underworlds core set ever released”, which will allow new players to jump into the game much quicker than before! “Warhammer Underworlds: Gnarlwood”’s game box will include everything needed to play the game – decks, cards, game board, and uniquely themed dice.

Easier to Play Than Ever Before – New Rival Decks, New Rules and New Factions

On the topic of accessibility, the “Warhammer Underworlds: Gnarlwood” set will heavily support the new and highly praised “Rivals” format (which was introduced in season 6 to great success). The expansion will include 4 ready-to-play pre-constructed decks, making it an excellent entry point to new players, as they avoid the traditional “Warhammer Underworlds” deck-building process entirely.

There will be a whole new rulebook just for the expansion, which will include a streamlined section for newcomers and unique advanced rules for experienced and returning players. This will make it a lot easier for newer players to get started, and put them on a nigh-even footing with the veterans, who will have a little issue getting familiarized with the new additions.

Two of the pre-constructed Rival decks will be for two debuting factions. The first will be The Gnarlspirit Pack – a band of savage warriors consumed by animalistic spirits, led by hunt-shaman Sarrakkar Blackwing. Games Workshop has disclosed that they can let their bestial nature take over for even greater strength.

The second debuting faction will be The Sons of Velmorn, who called the region home before it was consumed by Gnarlwood. While their mortal bodies perished, thanks to the necromantic powers of the Tyrant’s Crown, the fight goes on to this day. They, in turn, are led by their “lynchpin” King Velmorn.

The other two pre-constructed will be considered generic – this means they can be played by any “Warhammer Underworlds” warband, which will provide players with endless options and the potential to spice things up.

As with any Games Workshop title, the game box will come with amazing miniatures that players will have the pleasure of assembling and painting. If they are willing to put the time and effort (and trust me, it’s well worth it), they will end up with gorgeous models worthy of display – you won’t want to put them back in the game box.

The artwork, as with any other Warhammer title, is over-the-top, visually stunning, and true to the “grimdark” nature of Warhammer.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date on when “Warhammer Underworlds: Gnarlwood” will be released, but Games Workshop has promised new details and information “very soon”.

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