Warhammer 40K's teaser video.
Image credit: Games Workshop

The inevitable shift in the rules and setting of Warhammer 40,000 is getting closer with each passing day. Just like the change of aeons and the rise and fall of species across the war-torn universe of the game, so is Games Workshop preparing its fans for the shift in the game with the 10th edition now teased in the “A New Threat Emerges” video.

New Rules, New Universe Ablaze 

The video focuses on a Tyranid who is looking into the distance while the reflection of a Space Marine Terminator is caught in his eye. The teaser, brief and delightful as is the custom of Games Workshop in such matters, has already stirred an avalanche of rumors and speculation as to what may be coming next. 

For starters, fans are already speculating that the new edition will be revealed at Adepticon, the Games Workshop expo that focuses on the whole Warhammer shebang. Adepticon is set for March 22. There are other portents of the new edition finally making its way to us. For one, Games Workshop tends to end an edition with a series of campaign books, which is what has happened with the recent reveal of Arks of Omen

Fans have also been digging deep with some alleged leaks suggesting that Tyranids and Space Marines will be the armies released as the new Starter Box in the upcoming edition. This sort of makes sense, as Tyranids, a hive-like spacefaring kind of insects, have been somewhat neglected in terms of model variety. The 10th edition of Warhammer 40,000 may suggest that their time has come. 

If you have got into Warhammer just recently, worry not – Games Workshop is in the habit of rolling out its updates gradually. This means that codices for most armies will remain the same for a long while, and you can probably get an errata copy of the new rules as opposed to buying a fresh codex – which is frankly always the best way to go for the core rules in the very least. 

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