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WizKids and Ascending Empires: Zenith Edition

WizKids Brings out Ascending Empires: Zenith Edition in September

One of the best 4X board games of all time, Ascending Empires, is returning with Ascending Empires: Zenith Edition confirmed for release by WizKids in September 2023. The sci-fi-themed empire-building board game is one of the best in its genre and it will be coming with a revamped look and crispy freshness. Ascending Empires Introduces Solo Mode, New Rules, and More In Ascending...
Dungeons and Dragons by Wizkids

WizKids Tempts You with Its Latest “Unboxed” Board Game

The popular producer of hard-hitting board games and miniatures hits, WizKids, has teased a new game called Unboxed. In the title, players will play as archaeologists-in-training who are going to work at a dig site and attempt to excavate mysteries of the past. The title focuses on social deduction and offers incomplete rule sets and instructions that could prove...
WizKids' cover for Princes of Florence.

WizKids Republishes Princes of Florence in the United States

WizKids has announced a new edition for Princes of Florence, which will be released 20 years after the original one was introduced in the United States by Rio Grande Games. The new edition will feature both the base game and two expansions, with the game undergoing a redesign of its components and artwork. Princes and Princess of Florence Locked in a Cultural...
SiliconVania, Wizkids' upcoming board game.

WizKids Wants You to Build a Vampire Tech Hub in “SiliconVania”

For millennia now, Transylvania has fascinated and terrified. The home of vampires though is not too pleased with its current renown and is keen on burnishing its reputation by transforming what is often used as the plot of horror movies into a vibrant hub for tech startups and yuppies. This may now be possible thanks to WizKids’ upcoming board...
The playhall at GenCon during one of the editions.

WizKids Teases “Marvel: Age of Heroes X-Men” at GenCon

GenCon was the time of big announcements and one such is a new X-Men-themed board game announced by WizKids. The “Marvel Age of Heroes X-Men” will pit the popular heroes in to-the-death battles against villains from the franchise. Mutant Abilities, Allies, and Villains to Defeat Players will each get to play a character from the comics and spend their time gathering...