The playhall at GenCon during one of the editions.
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GenCon was the time of big announcements and one such is a new X-Men-themed board game announced by WizKids. The “Marvel Age of Heroes X-Men” will pit the popular heroes in to-the-death battles against villains from the franchise.

Mutant Abilities, Allies, and Villains to Defeat

Players will each get to play a character from the comics and spend their time gathering equipment as well as looking for self-proclaimed vigilantes who want to help defeat the evildoers.

Naturally, each character will have their own mutant abilities and play one of three available scenarios. The characters that will be available right now include Jean Grey, Storm, Lockheed, Jubilee, Cyclops, Forge, Rogue, Gambit, and naturally, Wolverine.

WizKids has turned to a respected talent in the board gaming community, Rodney Thompson, to design the game. Thompson is best known for his work on “Lords of Waterdeep.” He has worked on several RPG projects and Dungeons & Dragons-themed games over the years, winning him a prominent status in the designer’s guild.

“Marvel: Age of Heroes X-Men” still lacks a proper entry into the BoardGameGeek repository, which makes it a little harder to come by verifiable information at present time. The good news is that media outlet ICv2 has been able to snoop around at GenCon and flesh out more details.

The game is set to be for 2-5 players and played from 60 to 90 minutes. The retail price is listed at $69.99 and the game is expected to be suitable for individuals who are at least 14 years of age. The game is set to release in the fourth quarter this year, bringing X-Men fan a new board game to look forward to.

X-Men was recently incorporated in Fantasy Flight’s “Marvel Champions: The Card Game” with more characters from the franchise arriving in the popular board game. Mojo and Wolverine are said to be the latest.

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