WizKids and Ascending Empires: Zenith Edition
Image: WizKids

One of the best 4X board games of all time, Ascending Empires, is returning with Ascending Empires: Zenith Edition confirmed for release by WizKids in September 2023. The sci-fi-themed empire-building board game is one of the best in its genre and it will be coming with a revamped look and crispy freshness.

Ascending Empires Introduces Solo Mode, New Rules, and More

In Ascending Empires, players will deploy their fleets in a race for galactic colonization that could resort to war. Each of the 1-4 players will attempt to colonize and occupy planets, build cities, advance technologically, and complete various missions that will bring each player closer to victory. 

To make the experience more satisfying, WizKids has gone back and beefed up the quality of the components. The original game was released in 2011 and although it offered a sturdy design, the Zenith Edition will considerably touch up on this. 

The new box will contain a neoprene game mat so that players can use the main mechanic of the game easily, “flicking.” Players will also have some rule catching-up to do as the new box will contain what WizKids calls the New Era Rules. If those are not to players’ taste, though, the Classic Rules of the game may be used.

The new rules are mostly a revisited version of the original which arguably adds more balance and streamlines the experience as well. 

There will be more things to explore in the new game, with brand new speciality starship, randomized tech trees, new discovery tokens, and of course more missions to complete. Players will also be able to construct more powerful megastructures and have something new to aspire to.

Zenith Edition Brings a Nice Tactile Feel and Tons of Innovation 

The Zenith Edition is once again developed by Ian Cooper under the WizKids IP and the illustrations are done by Sergi Marcet. The game is expected to go for $139.99, which is a fair price for the upgraded edition and the quality-of-life components. The addition of a neoprene mat into the box is also nice, although some fans may see it as an expensive frillery. 

Ascending Empires: Zenith Edition comes in a bulky box which will also feature solo gameplay and mode. The game comes with 124 plastic miniatures, a neoprene game board, 32 planet disks, 56 starships, 64 cubes, all four player boards, 4 range rules, 150 tokens, 41 cards, and not least – 32 tiles. 

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