WizKids' cover for Princes of Florence.
Image credit: WizKids

WizKids has announced a new edition for Princes of Florence, which will be released 20 years after the original one was introduced in the United States by Rio Grande Games. The new edition will feature both the base game and two expansions, with the game undergoing a redesign of its components and artwork.

Princes and Princess of Florence Locked in a Cultural Race Once Again 

The new release date is set for July, and it will be sold in retail for $54.99 along with the expansions to the game. Princes of Florence is a game for 1-4 players ages 12+ played in 70-90 minutes. The title was designed by Richard UlrichJens Christopher Ulrich, and Wolfgang Kramer, all known faces in the board gaming community.

The player count has been reduced from the original 2-5 players and offers a more streamlined version of the original, courtesy of WizKids. The plot of the game pivots around the aspirations of princes and princesses of Florence who want to become influential in the city during the Renaissance, as they advance work on various buildings and engage in landscaping. 

It’s all done with the goal of the most attractive principality. To get there, though, the aspiring royalties will have to also procure the services of artists and scholars to help them produce more noteworthy works that will add to their renown in the city and elevate their social status. 

Once again, players will be competing for a fixed currency, Prestige Points, which needs to be amassed throughout the seven rounds of play. Once the last round is over, players will count points and determine the winner. The world of Renaissance Florence is vibrant with professionals and craftsmanship.

There are astronomers, architects, and organists, among many others, with each profession playing a particular role in the intricate world of the city. There must be only one winner, so make sure to choose carefully and focus on advancing your cause. 

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